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  1. dank roofus

    Honk Honk!

  2. dank roofus

    We gonna take New York

    Funny video that was meant to oppose the RNC a few years back in NYC. Click here @ "Cheney"
  3. dank roofus

    Tiger Woods Press Conference

    Starts at 11 am est. Friday Lest see what my man has to say
  4. dank roofus

    Hey NT, can any of you guys loan me about tree fiddy?

    If you let me squirt all over your $*#*$#* eyebrows
  5. dank roofus

    Die Antwoord?

    This that next lavel wave
  6. dank roofus

    The Search For the Worlds best %%@

    Start Scoring Here
  7. dank roofus


  8. dank roofus

    Stuff you're not proud of having?

    A big butt, and im a dude. Noromo
  9. dank roofus

    Rosa Acosta New Stretching Video

  10. dank roofus

    Crackheads Appreciation

    Lost my phone and was looking for a temp. replacement and came across a sidekick slide for $40 so I said why not. I messaged the seller and he replied withing like 30 seconds, said he'd hook me up on a "deal" So I said sure why not, turned out dude needed money to cop some H because he was...
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