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  1. johndoe

    A little late, but got some Lebron IV Birthdays

    I had always sort of liked the Lebron IVs since they came out over 10 years ago but not enough to buy them. I somehow came across a photo of them online recently, and considering there isn't really anything I want these days, I searched them on eBay. I was going to get the black/white/reds ones...
  2. johndoe

    What are the Adidas shoes that have "adidas" written on the side?

    I've only seen people wear these maybe 3-4 times in the last decade or so so they must be fairly rare and likely released around a decade ago. I was never able to find the model name and never saw them online. I think I normally see them in black and white and they have "adidas" (all lower...
  3. johndoe

    Lebron XI Elite from eBay shiny part darkened on one shoe, why?

    I've been wanting the Lebron XI Elite in black/gold for a long time and finally decided to get a pair on eBay recently. I got them today and the shiny part on one of the shoes is blackened/dark and lost most of the gold color. What would have caused this blackening and can it be fixed? I'm not...
  4. johndoe

    Mind = Blown - The Jordan 5s have a Nike Air logo? Do any other Jordans?

    I just noticed for the first time the Jordan 5s have a Nike Air logo on the back!?! Is it just the 5s and is it even all 5s? I had never noticed a product that had both the Jordan and Nike logos. Are there any others?
  5. johndoe

    If you're hired at one Foot Locker, can you eventually get transferred to another?

    I applied at my local Foot Locker but wasn't selected for an interview. If I apply to the next closest one, would I eventually be able to get transferred to my local one? Thanks
  6. johndoe

    What shoes to wear to a Foot Locker interview?

    I normally wouldn't ask this, but for an interview at Foot Locker is it better to wear dress shoes or some clean black Nikes/Jordans? Thanks
  7. johndoe

    If you exchange something at FTL, does the sales rep lose their commission?

    I exchanged shoes at FTL for another size and was just wondering if it causes the original sales rep to lose the commission they made on the sale?
  8. johndoe

    Applying to work at Foot Locker

    I've been considering working at Foot Locker and think I'd want to start in the near future and had some questions. Over the last few months I've gotten to know the manager and we're almost friends now so I guess that may help (I wasn't even thinking of working there the first few times we...
  9. johndoe

    Footlocker employees question

    I sometimes vaguely considered working at Footlocker but I already have a job so I'd want to know how many hours a week are their part time jobs? The answer to that would let me know if it's something I could even consider. I'd be interested in the job to work in something I like and with...
  10. johndoe

    Do you know any sneakerheads or are you the only one among your friends?

    I've never known other sneakerheads in real life. When I started collecting years ago, I never realized it was something many people collect so I never even tried to find sneakerheads or even knew the term sneakerhead. Since I realized it's a fairly common thing I've been wanting to get to know...
  11. johndoe

    Footlocker VIP Platinum question

    I joined the VIP thing and saw if I spend $300 in 12 months I get platinum level. Since I just spent $430 in less than 2 weeks I thought they would make me platinum right away, but because I joined the VIP thing after buying they don't want to. I now want to return the last pair I...
  12. johndoe

    Would you use a website that helps you choose what to wear?

    I've been considering making a website that helps people choose among things they have a lot of, such as sneakerheads and shoes. It could be used for any sort of item, but for example with shoes you could enter every pair you own in your account on the website along with specifics like  "color"...
  13. johndoe

    Where to get empty shoe boxes?

    I sometimes get used shoes on eBay that don't come with a box. Where can I get shoe boxes, not the plastic ones, just plain cardboard like they normally come in but maybe blank ones? Thanks
  14. johndoe

    Question about the Adidas xeno colorways

    The Adidas xenos really confused me at first, I first thought it was 2 different colorways, then thought they could be "turned on and off", to finally realize they simply change color with the light. However, now that I may want to buy some, I'm even more confused as I learned they come in 2...
  15. johndoe

    Am I the only one for who this website is ridiculously slow?

    Since a few months this website has been painfully slow, it's not the loading time, it's that it works for maybe 5 seconds, then completely freezes the browser (I use Chrome, I don't think this issue happens if I use another browser) for maybe 30 seconds at which point I can't do anything at...
  16. johndoe

    What colorway of Jordan 7s is black and a red/orange/pink color?

    I saw a guy at the mall with Jordan 7s in a colorway I never saw before and liked them, I told him and asked the name of the colorway, he said "pink or salmon" but when I search that I don't see the colorway he was wearing. To describe the colorway, they were all black and the "peaks" where...
  17. johndoe

    Where can I see all KD versions?

    I never bought any KDs but am considering getting some but would want to be able to see all versions that were released from the 1s to whatever the current version is so I can see which I prefer, what website shows all versions? I like to wear my laces really loose and KDs look good like that...
  18. johndoe

    Would this be a good choice for my first Js?

    I've been collecting for about 10 years and never bought or had any Js as there's none I liked enough for the price they are. The only Js I like are the 5, 7 and 12s. One I really liked since seeing it is the Jordan 7 GMP black/gold and I think those are likely the first Js I'll buy, the only...
  19. johndoe

    What jeans would you recommend?

    I got a cheap pair of jeans without trying them and they're too tight at the top, the pockets are so tight it's a huge PITA just to fit my hand in the pockets to put in/take out my keys and wallet. I need to get another pair ASAP as I'm not going to be enduring these. What would you recommend...
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