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  1. isco

    debit cards

    so a couple of weeks ago i was off and i was buying patio furniture at home depot. As im paying for of my credit cards was denied a couple of times. There was a line behind me so i grabbed whichever card i had first and used it (debit card). I leave and then called my one CC company to...
  2. isco

    life without retirement savings
  3. isco

    free online courses

  4. isco

    I can't access NT on LTE (AT&T)

    this just started this morning..wifi everything is fine..but when I'm on my cellular network I cannot access NT...all other websites/my email work fine..just here Thanks
  5. isco

    all discounts you can get with a student ID across the US
  6. isco

    65% of self-made millionaires have 3 streams of income

    thats what I'm talking about
  7. isco

    people start hating their jobs at 35
  8. isco

    Ten years after the subprime mortgage crisis, a US credit card catastrophe is looming
  9. isco

    u can edit ur username now

  10. isco

    IT (Stephen King)

    Just saw the preview today before Dunkirk..def watching
  11. isco

    side hustles?

    id like to hear what you are doing besides ur day u have a part time job? work OT? FBA??? Turned a hobby into making money? Consulting? Tutor? ESL? Lol
  12. isco

    Puerto Rico votes in favor of statehood
  13. isco


  14. isco

    U.S. to Ban Laptops in All Cabins of Flights from Europe
  15. isco

    Please LC my pair of banneds

    Third pair just arrived..will rep
  16. isco

    The Dark Tower Film Adaptation (2017) I don't know if this was mentioned on NT.. but I have a feeling this is going to be LIT..I only completed the first book..and about to start the second..Stephen King considered this series his...
  17. isco

    Official Final Fantasy Thread | XII is the GOAT

    Release date announced in March??? My 2 favorites: Will post more videos later...I know everyone loves 5/6/7/8/9/10/10x2/11/12/13/13x2/ and 14 Forgive me I'm posting from an iPad mini
  18. isco

    50 cent files for bankruptcy
  19. isco

    People who use iPhones are..

    smarter.. :rollin :rollin
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