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  1. deemoney23

    Who Actually uses RETRO J's to play ball in?

    I always wondered how many NT users actually buy these retros to use them for athletic purposes?  I'm somewhat guilty for not using all of my retros but its only because I haven't gotten around to it yet.  But I do use them eventually.  Right now, i'm playing in my XIV's.  What are you using...
  2. deemoney23

    How Much Have You Spent On Kicks in 2010?

    It's going to be a crazy year, let alone a crazy March.  With everything that has been released in 2010, how much have you already spent or are projected to spend.  Think about it guys, i love kicks but do we realize how much we are spending... My count so far: Kobe Aways : 140 Kobe DK: 140...
  3. deemoney23

    JB Going For The Gusto

    Am I the only one who thinks JB is going for the gusto this year.  With the much anticipated releases of "grayles" this year, one is left to wonder.  Do you think with the "retirement" of the Jordan lines I-XXIII, JB felt this would be the most appropriate way to close it out?  Notice this...
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