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  1. jlking

    question about zoom air vs regular air

    With the recent debate about which has the better performance the Lebron VIIs or the Kobe Vs, it got me to think about the specific cushioning each shoe has. The Lebron VIIs have a 360 air bag and the Kobe Vs have heel and forefoot zoom. So I've been reading a lot about zoom air and regular air...
  2. jlking

    Review Requests: Supernatural Creator and Commander

    Hi, I'm looking for a review on these. Not sure which one would suite me, I play center and Forward for the league I'm in, but for school I'm a 2-guard or small forward. I'm 5"11 and 150 lbs. Mainly I'm just looking for a review on these, not specifically for me tho, I just want to know how...
  3. jlking

    Adidas NBA swingman shorts sizing???

    I'm trying to buy some swingman shorts, but I don't know how the sizing is. I wear a large in Jordan shorts, sometimes even medium. I'm 5"11, and I'm not trying to get the shorts to be too baggy. any help is appreciated
  4. jlking

    Which pair of XIIIs is better to ball in?

    I wanna try balling in a pair of my XIIIs but I don't know which one I want to ball in. First I have my white/red lows, I wanna try these out after seeing mike bibby hoop in them. I'll most-likely wear an ankle brace on my right foot with these. Do they have the same tech as the mids (heel and...
  5. jlking

    WDYHIT (What Did You Hoop in Today) Thread

    I don't know why the other post was locked, it was doing fineeveryone seemed to like the idea. Anyways let's just keep the hate to a minimum, so we can keep this thread alive. I'm just curious as to what people are hooping in everyday? Just post whatyou hoop'd in today?
  6. jlking

    WDYHIT (what did you hoop in today?) Post

    I've always wanted to create this thread, finally decided to today. We have a WDYWT? why not have a WDYHIT thread? I'm curious as to what kicks peoplehoop in, like the other day I saw someone hoop in the 2009 space jams and I thought he was crazy, I asked the guy about it and he said it was all...
  7. jlking

    LC Space Jams '09 retro

    I traded someone off craigslist my DS size 12 Space Jams for a size 11.5 DS pair (my true size) yesterday. We both bought them at our local Niketown, onlydifference is he bought them on RD, while I bought them when they restocked 2 days after RD. We traded reciepts and we both checked out each...
  8. jlking

    Nike's Different Cushioning systems?

    I'm curious as to what is EVA, Phylon, DHIP,Lunar foam all the other foam based, non-air or zoom cushioning looks like, and why their not as great comparedto zoom air or regular air in basketball shoes. Basically my question is what makes zoom air/ regular air so great? (Personally I love zoom...
  9. jlking

    Kobe V Review Request

    Anyone got a review on them yet? Curious as how to heel and forefoot zoom feels and performs, all put together in a 10.6 oz shoe Just ordered mine of NDC (, for those of you who don't know)
  10. jlking

    OG XVI Dissection

    I decided to dissect my OG ginger XVIs for the zoom air units to put in my Flight clubs. (This is what I found inside near the ankle area, some sort of rubber covering a ring of foam) (the First zoom air unit, I kind of punctured it) (The end result of the dissection of the first shoe) (the...
  11. jlking

    Should I Dissect my OG XVI's?

    I'm thinking about dissecting my og Ginger XVI's for the zoom in the forefoot, to put in my newly purchased Flight Clubs. The XVIs are too small for me(size11) and they're basically beaters. The Shroud is painted blue (previously my brother's). But it's my only pair of XVI's. Should I do it? If...
  12. jlking

    BB2 vs Flight club

    which shoe is better overall? I play sg/sf, and I need a shoe to last me a basketball season. I enjoyed playing in the hyperdunk and 2k5.
  13. jlking

    I failed and now my dreams are shattered

    I just failed hard at basketball I couldn't even make the JV team, I got cut. I feel like I failed everyone who ever believed in me.I had 10-20 peoplebelieve in me, who belived that I would make varsity, some of them are even freshman and one of them was a girl who made womens varsity as a...
  14. jlking

    Jordan Accessories

    Outta curiosity, I decided to make this post. Would you still buy Jordans if they didn't come with accessories? For example like the V, VI, XVI, XVII, andXX2s, if they didn't come with lacelocks or the gaiters or if your Jordans didn't come with a box. Sorry in advance if this is a stupid post...
  15. jlking

    Price check OG Gingers and CDP XVIIs

    Need a quick price check, this guy is trying to sell me some cdp XVIIs and OG Ginger XVIs over Craigslist, both without their gators, both in Vnds conditionwith some creases, no pics but he's trying to sell me both for $65 total. I don't own any XVIIs or XVIs so these would be my first pair of...
  16. jlking

    collezione CDP X/XIII review request

    I'm thinking about UN-DSing one of the shoes in this pack to hoop in. Which one is better in terms of comfort, performance and traction on a moderatelydusty court? as always any help is appreciated
  17. jlking

    quick question replacing hyperdunk insole with spenco insole???

    Has anyone tried this?? Replacing their bottomed out hyperdunks insole with a spenco cross trainer insole? I'm thinking about doing this since my chinahyperdunks recently bottomed out on me. I'm also thinking about putting a spenco insole in my green bean Vs so I can train in them or should I...
  18. jlking

    LC/Price check OG XII

    $130, Owner says worn 5 times since 1997 look VNDS or even NDS to me also are these wearable/hoopable thanks in advance
  19. jlking

    Quick replies needed kobe 3 vs huarache 2k4 vs hyperize

    which one would I be more suitable for? I'm a 5"11,135lb sg/sf who likes to shoot and occasionally slash. A comparison of all 3 would be helpful.I've played in huarache 64s and absolutely loved them, hyperdunks traction p!$$ed me off, XX2s felt kind of bulky and didn't like the overall feel...
  20. jlking

    basketball training shoes

    I'm looking for a cheap pair of shoes for basketball/weight training and occasional pick-up games, with good durability/traction. I'm a 5"11 135lb. sg/sf. Right now I'm looking at something nike sparq but it's too much(cheapest $88 Footlocker) or a pair of lebron soldier IIs at my nike ouletfor...
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