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  1. mexicansolepower

    Price Check AJ VI Retro Varsity Red

    Like the title says I have to let these go due to financial reasons. I would like to know at what price should these be posted. Thanks for the help!!
  2. mexicansolepower

    Price check on AJ2010 Black/Carolia HOH

    Whats the resell value for the Black/Carolina Blue Air Jordan 2010.?? I believe these were a HOH exclusive. I tried Ebay but all that kept showing up were Tons of Fakes....  For the record PICS ARE NOT MINE!! Any help will be appreciated 
  3. mexicansolepower

    Where to buy Motorcycle gear? Vol Im a newbie

    I recently purchase a 1985 Honda Rebel motorcycle, and am looking to buy a helmet, gloves and boots. Since this is my first bike, I have no idea where to get gear in San Diego. Google offers a lot of choices but Im sure NT has some Riders that can help a newbie out. Any info, websites and...
  4. mexicansolepower

    Converse Triumph, is it in stores yet??

    Browsing at FTL site I found this link, and it seems to me that this was going to be the last Wade Shoe before he jumped to JB. Has anyone seen it at stores, cuz I wanna check these out. Cant view photobucket at work but I do have the link...
  5. mexicansolepower

    LEGIT CHECK Jordan VI Black- Red SZ11

    Like the title says, I just got these and I just wanna make sure they are legit since this is my second pair.. They seem I little narrow near the middle of the shoe but otherwise they look good. Photo quality is nothing to be proud about but it was dark. My camera work needs improving.
  6. mexicansolepower

    Is posting SKU codes forbidden or illegal??

    As the title says, is there a rule, either by NT or the local shops, that prohibits someone posting SKU codes of the shoes? I ask this because I read all theFnF and EA posts and very few people post the actual SKU, mostly the post the code from the page. I know that those...
  7. mexicansolepower

    Anyone at Champs know who got the Wade 1 re-issue?

    Like the title says Im trying to get some Wade 1´s, I read at tha sneaker webpage that Converse was re-issuing the wade 1´s in limited amounts. Tried theirwebpage to no luck. Any Champs employees that can shed light on this topic?? Any help will be greatly appreciated
  8. mexicansolepower

    What are good Sneaker stores in Santa Clara-San Jose??

    I'm taking a business trip to Santa Clara at the end of the month and I was wondering what the local shoe spots are. Also any cool places to visit?? Hope NT can help me out like always.
  9. mexicansolepower

    Are there shoe boutique/stores near Miami Airport??

    Like the title says I want to know if there are shoe stores near the Miami International Airport, I am flying fom LA (I live in Tijuana, Mexico) for a couple of days in June. Im staying near the airport for some conferencesand I want to get some Kicks while I am there. Are there any customsshops...
  10. mexicansolepower

    where can I find Iverson XI and Flightposites in San Diego??

    Like the title says, i want to try some Iverson XI shoes and the Flightposites in San Diego or LA. Does Anyone know of any store or retailer that has them inthe store??? Mods if this is in the wrong post please lock or move.
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