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  1. sun of knowledge

    For All Those In Pain!

    Pain doesnt just dissolve .. you have to work through it and then master it some wise words thats helped me through my hardships...keep ya heads up and dont let chest and chin touch in public.. The most high aint obligated to touch you if you rather live in crap then work a shovel.. Keep on!
  2. sun of knowledge

    Crazy/Cute Things Your Cat Does: Cat Owners Welcomed

    Cats are underrated and have alot of personality what are some crazy or cute things your cat does.. mine (8 months old) -Follows me every where I go -Waits for me to come home -Sleeps by me -Brings me random items as gifts and runs away -Sits on my lap when i smoke out of my hookah and...
  3. sun of knowledge

    Did Any One On Here Buy The Piston VI?

    I haven't brought any J's in about six years and this was my first pair in a long time. I didnt even know they existed until I saw them at the mall(which i rarely go into). I was browsing though JB and I noticed alot of yall didnt like them. Im just curious did any one buy these at all?
  4. sun of knowledge

    Jordan Cards

    Hey. I have a question for yall. I haven't brought any Jordans since the bred XIII when they first retoed many years back. Today i brought someVI's and I notice they didnt come with a card. Did they stop putting them in the newer release is or mine just dont have them? I brought them at the...
  5. sun of knowledge


    sorry i made a double post
  6. sun of knowledge

    When It All Falls Apart

    I wanted to put something out there for yall. What I'm about to say has been inspired by some recent adversity that I have been experiencing. When everything around you falls apart.. after the dust and the debris has settled if there is anyone still standing by your side. Cherish them and be...
  7. sun of knowledge

    Sb Dunk HIgh "Iron Man" & 4th Of July Release

    Delete if theres a thread on these already im not sure if these are confirmed none the less these arent that bad id cop for the a decent price what yall think?
  8. sun of knowledge

    The New Kitten And Puppy Thread

    Post pic of ur new kitten or puppy Angel 5 months
  9. sun of knowledge

    Simple Enjoyments

    What are some simple things that are currently bringing u joy? quite time meditating sudoku hookah and listening to some good music quality conversation
  10. sun of knowledge

    Hookah Bars

    Has anyone been to one before? Im going to one next weekend for the first time. I have been curious to smoke out of one. How does it compare smoking a cigar ora cigarette and what are some good flavors try?
  11. sun of knowledge

    General Info On Body Kits For Car

    Recently my sky lark clunk out on me and the repairs exceed the cars worth. I ended up buying my uncles 94 cougar xr7. Hes really into cars and owns multiplecars and maintains all of them pretty well. After driving it and and inspecting it I felt like something was missing from it. So I have...
  12. sun of knowledge

    Childs Play Remake

    idk if this has been posted already.. just a heads up for those who are into horror icons
  13. sun of knowledge

    Who Here Has Had A Near Death Experience Before?

    Life is precious. Sometimes when you have a near death experience it reinforces that truth.You shouldn't take each moment for granted cause tomorrow isnever promised . Besides being a passenger in at least 8 car accidents and not suppose to survive birth according to doctors,. I have had other...
  14. sun of knowledge

    Daken Wolverine's Son

    I used to read marvel comics years ago.. I had some of the fatal attractions series,age of apocalypse, onslaught series etc.. I recently found out about Dakenr which is wolverine's son .I havent read any books with him in it yet all i know about him is whatever info is on Wikipedia pretty much...
  15. sun of knowledge

    The Offical Pics Your From Vacations Thread

    One of my favorite thread subjects are the vacation threads. I have always loved seeing all the photos that people share from theyre vacations. I thought it bea good idea to make a thread where we all post our favorite pictures from the vacations we have taken in the past. Also in efforts to...
  16. sun of knowledge

    RIP Good Customer Service?

    Since most of us are prone to bad customer service can any of you remember the last time you actually received good customer service? I think i received it once this year when i was trying to organize an event. Other then that every where I go the service is less then mediocre
  17. sun of knowledge

    Thinking About Getting Engaged Ask A Question

    i wanted to give anyone who was thinking about getting engaged a chance to ask any question that they may have. I been engaged for over a year. If I can helpany of u who is thinking about making this step post ur questions I will try to help the best that I can.
  18. sun of knowledge

    All Artist And Fans Of Art Come On In!

    Im know for sure there are alot of talented artist on Nt.. I thought it would be a good change of pace for all artist to share theyre art form. So if u are anartist of any kind by all means please contribute. If ur not artistic but just admire it feel free to look and comment I do color pencil...
  19. sun of knowledge

    Ur First Pair Of Dunks

    I know my question sounds like something a newb would post .. I been on here since 04 btw.. When i come across someone who has over 10 pairs of dunks Isometimes wonder what was their first pair that started it all.. So what was ur first pair and how many do u have currently? This was the 1st...
  20. sun of knowledge

    Your Favorite Movies of 08?

    As the end of the year is quickly approaching..what film release were ur favorites this year? mine were Sweeny Todd The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street Step Brothers The Punisher War Zone Cloverfield Quarantine Dark Knight Quantum of Solace Wanted Role Models Death Race
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