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  1. travis

    Nike Lakers Starter Jacket

    brand new , never worn vintage lakers starter jacket size XXL everything stitched on no screen print . perfect condition 323-384-1426 for fastest reply or hit the inbox price : $120.00 OBO
  2. travis

    2005 white laser iv legit/price check

    dude wants 530 shipped . let me know niketalk is tht a cool price . they're DS
  3. travis


    so I'm texting my girl and this happens .... this is wat I sent this is wat she received she hasn't upgraded to the newest software yet but isn't it kinda mess up tht they look like aliens . lmfao
  4. travis

    ds 02 raptor 7 price check

    I know they're legit but need to know if they're worth 220 , would yall pay tht ?! come with OG box and retro card . thanks in advance
  5. travis

    Anderson Silva shatters leg , Chris Wideman retains UFC title .

    dude really might not be able to ever compete in the UFC again ... smh he was the best the sport has ever seen .
  6. travis

    Interracial Dating... need I say more ?!

    alright I'm black , I've dated numerous amounts of woman all of whom are black too and I've always wanted a snow bunny sometimes js to smash to see wat it's like other times for something serious js because ... is it one of those things were natural attraction will get me there or we have to...
  7. travis legit ?

    thinking about buying a puig Jersey wanted to know if this website I came across is legit or not . if it isn't wats the best site to buy a replica MLB Jersey . thanks in advance - Travis
  8. travis

    Dinosaur Jr LC Check

    ill real ? Or phony fake ? Don't mind the "... LC Check" mistake lmfao
  9. travis

    The President in Movies

    Barrack Obama , the first African American president of the United States , was inaugurated in January 2008 . Since then many movies have been filmed and released tht shows the President's face either through random occurrence or because the films plot is based around the President, White House...
  10. travis

    Wassup With WSS ?

    I never hear anyone talk about warehouse shoe sale (wss) an employee told me they get the retro Jordan releases . I know they get roshes even have the teal and black woven cw's on their site as I type . someone told me they sell fakes which is kinda unbelievable seeing tht they've been around...
  11. travis

    JaMarcus Russell

    Alright we all know the story on him but for those who don't I'll catch you up JaMarcus Russell was drafted 1st overall in 2007 by the Oakland Raiders . In the three seasons he played for them he started 25 games and in those 25 he went 7-18 . Oakland released him in May 2010 due to his lack...
  12. travis

    Question about OG Jays

    is it safe to buy deadstock OG jordans and actually wear them ? i ask because im thinking about coping the OG 1996 taxi 12's but i would hate to wear them and they js fall apart . let me know yall opinions . 
  13. travis

    Whatever happened to ? ....

    William Hung lmfao SheBANG ! feel free to add your own one hit wonders
  14. travis

    Price Check help from all my SB wearers on NT

    alright so there have only been three pairs of nike SB's ive ever wanted in my life and they are the nike dunk sb high "mf doom" nike dunk sb high "iron" and nike dunk sb high "skunk" " .... but i have no idea wat to pay for them , can anyone help me out ?!
  15. travis

    Supreme x Timberland

    What do you guys think , i mean once you get passed the fact tht all supreme added was their name tag and there is no originality in these shoes at all the colorways are pretty dope . especially the red . :)
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