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  1. conductzero

    Roommate walked in on me smashing

    Is there proper etiquette in situations like this? He said laters as he walked out of the room initially so I just started smashing without locking the door. Dude comes back in when i'm mid smash with my !@! in the air with a cookie in his mouth. Then he walks over to his computer types...
  2. conductzero

    Approaching famous people on the street?

    So today I was looking for some bar pours at Crate and Barrel (E Houston + Broadway) with my girl and some dude in the store told me to cross the street and go to a Chinese restaurant supply store to get em for cheaper. As I cross the street and walk along one of those make shift sidewalks from...
  3. conductzero

    NYC Subways NEVER get old vol. BBC Ice Creams

    I thought Fat Joe licking his DS shoes were bad edit : damn calm down it showed up on my screen when i posted
  4. conductzero

    Semi-Instant Sushi Gummy

    Japanese people invent the dopest ishh
  5. conductzero

    Site that lets you watch youtube video multiple times on one page?

    It was posted on here a long time ago with this Alice in Wonderland video, basically you put in a URL and choose the number of videos you want in both row and column. Anyone know what I'm talking about?
  6. conductzero

    Just bought two frogs, NT help me name em!

    Spur of the moment decided to get two green tree frogs cause I always wanted them as a kid. Don;t have names for em yet but would like some lulzworthy names. Ideas? Basically looks like this :
  7. conductzero

    Post your Room/Set Up Thread

    Sup guys, I'm in the process of reconstructing my room cause I had a water leak. I wanna get some ideas as to what to do, so post pictures of your room please.
  8. conductzero

    NT, Whats that website to download everything you need?

    There's this website that does a quick install of most programs you might need on your cumpter like Firefox/PowerISO, and ITunes in one package. Does anyone know what I'm talking about? I can't find it on google.
  9. conductzero

    You ever feel like you have the weirdest luck? Vol. %@$***@# in the Subway

    As a NYC'er, I have been forced to ride public transportation for my whole life. But within this past year, I have been noticing that some of the weirdest *@*% happens when I take the bus/subway and its so random that you would never have expected it. Y'all ever get that feeling when stuff...
  10. conductzero

    So NT, How do you ask a pretty young lady to prom? Vol. INSIIDGTP

    So, what are my options besides whipping it out? I want to melt her heart and have her feeling like . [/simp]
  11. conductzero

    Sup NT, What Should I Get?

    Just got paid, and I'm looking to buy a gaming system; either the PS3 or the Xbox 360. -I heard the Xbox has a lot more games but most of their exclusives are FPS, which I'm not THAT into. I like MW2 but PS3 has that. -My friend told me the online play for PSN is TERRIBLE though. Is it bad...
  12. conductzero

    NT I'm Not Smashing.

    What up. After a couple of uneventful nights, I've decided to watch mass amounts of movies/series. I watched some NT recommended movies like 500 Days of Summer which was pretty IMO. A couple of movies I just crossed off my list were: Coraline Dead Presidents Friday Role Models Notorious...
  13. conductzero

    NT! Need a good antivirus ASAP

    Aight so right now my comp is spazzing out. IE keeps running in the background but its not visible in the Task Manager under Applications nor do I see it on mydesktop. But these loud %!@ ad's keep running in the background. Need a good antivirus to get rid of it quick.
  14. conductzero

    The CW's "OMG moment of the Year"

    II don't remember this being posted and I don't watch One Tree Hill either. But this is wrong on so many levels.
  15. conductzero

    HELP! Anyone know the name of this song??

    Song playing in the background. Thanks.
  16. conductzero

    For all my Miami NTers, what is there to do?

    Sup. Imma drop by Miami for a week in a couple of months and I just wanted to know what there is to do there other than go to South Beach? I want to do somefun stuff like water skiing or parasailing and go sight seeing. How much that gonna run me? Im 18 btw.
  17. conductzero

    NT! What was your senior yearbook quote??

    My senior quote deadline is coming up, what did yall use for your highschool senior quotes??
  18. conductzero

    Yo NT! School me on screen printing t shirts! PICS!

    Aight so recently at school I came up with some stuff I wanted to print on shirts for a club. I got either the option of screen printing them myself ( I needlike 50), or getting them printed through a 3rd party company. I want to do them on American Apparel 2001 shirts cause those feel the best...
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