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  1. theoriginal

    When Are You Most vulnerable?

    when i'm using the bathroom or sleeping
  2. theoriginal

    Can defragment delete my music files?

    i just started defregamting my computer and its saying its defraging my music should i be worried? will it delete my music files?
  3. theoriginal

    Rate The Album Above You

  4. theoriginal

    What Jeans Are These?

    They are at 5:30
  5. theoriginal

    Real Talk: Can We Say Ludacris>T.I.?

    Is it safe to say that ludacris>t.i. Discuss
  6. theoriginal

    Do you know anybody that dosent listen to music?

    Im not sure if it is just me but i find it really wierd that people don't listen to music. I couldn't be able to do it. I have a couple of friends that don't but i just find it like no normal. Does anybody know somebody like that.
  7. theoriginal

    Banks Is Back?

    is banks back with his first song of his new album?;feature=player_embedded
  8. theoriginal

    Does anybody watch the bad girls club?

    i was flipping through channels and i peeped the show and i started to watch it. i know it sounds type mo but the girls in that show are does anybody else seen this show?
  9. theoriginal

    Does NT listen to LA The Dark Man or Wille The Kid?

    I mean i haven't seen any threads or love shown to these two artist. I think they are pretty good and they have a lot of good mix tapes out. Does anybodyon NT listen to either of them?
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