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  1. fro b giant

    After seeing this, I wondered how many Atheists celebrate Christmas and why? Discuss...
  2. fro b giant

    Who remembers this Vol. Crikey

  3. fro b giant

    Nike Campus Questions

    I am planning to drive up to see the campus in a month, is there anything in particular I should know? Is there a store there where I would be able to purchase discounted Nike gear? It's about a 14 hour drive from where I live, does anyone else in the area know of things to do locally. It is...
  4. fro b giant

    The Line Has Been Blurred...

    Now more than ever the players in the NBA are more of the hybrid variety. Back in the 70's, 80's, and 90's it was easier to decipher what position a player played by simply looking at them. Nowadays players are able to play more positions than one, two, and even three. Some examples include but...
  5. fro b giant

    UCLA BRUINS @ USC Trojans Compton CA 1:30 Pacific time Saturday 12/1

    Go Bruins! Cowan is supposed to be cleared to play. I think it's going to be another defensive battle if my Bruins can't find a way to score it's gonna be along day for them. The Trojans are gonna come to play! The taste in their mouth is still bad from a year ago. If we win and Arizona beats...
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