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  1. cool...but rude

    April 2020 WDYWT Thread

  2. cool...but rude

    March 2020 WDYWT Thread

  3. cool...but rude

    Travis Scott 6 LC!

    What's up guys...just got these in from GOAT. I trust them but always value more opinions on kicks i paid this much for. Please let me know if anything looks off or if more pics are needed! Thanks!
  4. cool...but rude

    Yellow Ochre legit check. Help!

    Wats up NT, just got these in from GOAT and I'm paranoid so hopefully some of y'all AJ 1 experts can help me out! Thanks in advance! The stars on the outsole seem a little less defined than some of my other 1s I looked at. Might be nit picking but I need to be sure when it comes to...
  5. cool...but rude

    Black KAWS IV...Legit Check!

    Hey NT...just got my Kaws in from GOAT. I know they LC them, but I'm always paranoid and dont wanna be a part of that 1% of fakes that slip through. Let me know what you guys think! They look good to me. TIA
  6. cool...but rude

    Legit Check: Off White Air Max 90!

    Watup these in from GOAT today. Haven't had a retail pair of the 90s close up yet. What made me skeptical was the fact that the box didn't have the price on it, where all my retail pairs of off whites did. Any help would be much appreciated since there's a small window to send these...
  7. cool...but rude

    KAWS 4 Legit check

    Watup y'all....just got these in and want some extra eyes to check em for me
  8. cool...but rude

    Banned 1 (2011) LEGIT CHECK!

    Watup yall...copped these from StockX. And I know they authenticate the kicks but I just want even more peace of mind from my NT fam. Help out if you can. TIA.
  9. cool...but rude

    DS Reigning Champ UB sz 11.5 to trade for DS sz 9 Reigning Champ UB! NYC

    Looking for DS Reigning Champ UB in size 9 for the same in size 11.5 Must be able to meet in the NYC area. Will not ship. Send a PM for a quick response.
  10. cool...but rude

    Legit Check UNC 1s

    Watup guys, just got these in and wanted a LC for my piece of mind lol. Thanks in advance!
  11. cool...but rude

    LEGIT CHECK Wht/Blk OG retro 1s!!

    Hey guys, just wanted a quick LC on these 1s I just received. Thanks in advance!
  12. cool...but rude

    PRICE CHECK on Lance Mountains Blk and Wht pair DS Sz 10

    Hey NT, just wondering what a decent price was for these DS in a size 10. I'd like to know the price of each pair separate. I NEED these in my life lol. Thanks in advance!
  13. cool...but rude

    Good space heater??

    What's up y'all? My apartment can get a bit chilly in the winter and I'm trying to find a space heater that works well for a large room, but also lasts more than like a year. The reviews for everything i've been looking at seems to either experience problems after a year or put people's families...
  14. cool...but rude

    What did Pac say??

    in Until The End Of Time, does Pac say "But I aint trippin' Im a player I aint sweatin' him, I sexed his sister had her mumble like a Mexican"? cuz moanin dont really make sense unless he's sayin Mexicans moan in a certain way, but i dont know why mumble would make sense either lol. This is...
  15. cool...but rude

    DS Jordan Bred XI Sz 9.5 *Pittsburgh Area*

    Hey NT, I got a pair of DS Bred 11s size 9.5, looking for a trade mainly, but willing to sell. Trading will only be done by meet up. I'm mainly looking for DS Royal/Black 1s from this year, or DS Concords from 2011. But I will listen to other offers for DS sneakers. All trades in a size 9.5 I...
  16. cool...but rude

    Best Damn Sports Show Period...HELP ME!!!

    Can anybody tell me where I can watch The 50 Best Damn Blow-ups that appeared on this show some years ago? I've been looking everywhere trying to find it. If I found this video, I'd prolly watch it every single day. Pure comedy...thanks in advance.
  17. cool...but rude

    YAHOO Fantasy Football 2011. Real competitive league. $100 buy-in using Leaguesafe! *1 more spot*

    Whats up NT...I have a fantasy football league I've been the commish of for 2 years (this is the 3rd). The buy in is $100 per manager. Its a very competitive league. Standard Yahoo settings except you get 15 pts if ur defense shuts a team out. Its NOT PPR.  1QB, 3WR, 2RB, 1TE, 1W/R/T, K, DEF...
  18. cool...but rude

    P/C 2006 Fire red IIIs

    Can someone please help me out with a price check on some DS Fire Red 3s from 2006. I dont have pics but they are in perfect condition. Thanks in advance.
  19. cool...but rude

    would i be able to wear DS chrome VIIIs?

    Im very skeptical of whether a pair od DS chrome viii's would be wearable or if they would be destroyed if i tried to wear them. Im thinking of buying some. What do you guys think?
  20. cool...but rude

    would i be able to wear DS chrome VIIIs?

    Im very skeptical of whether a pair od DS chrome viii's would be wearable or if they would be destroyed if i tried to wear them. Im thinking of buying some. What do you guys think?
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