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  1. fabogus

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    Thanks Yu...I've been refreshing Twitter like its my job all morning
  2. fabogus

    NIKE+ FUELBAND --- Nike's Big Announcement (1/19/12)

    need sizing help...I measured my wrist and its about 7 inches around.  What size should I order?
  3. fabogus

    Nike Air Max +2009 on Nike ID January 27

    Same here and its 930 almost.  STOP TEASING! START PLEASING!
  4. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

    kixandthecity has a couple different colors posted. All orange and all royal blue. I got a girls "pink flash" today in shipment. SOOOOOOOOOOO pink it looks red in a picture otherwise id post.
  5. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

    I had a feeling you might like that with all the IDs you did during round 1 haha.  I hope for more color options more tinted air bubbles.  Not TOO many, I don't need to go broke 
  6. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

    Went with my fiance to ID our shoes for our wedding, girl at the studio told us 2009s will be back up for ID sometime this month.
  7. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

    no pics, just checked the style number and a bunch of different color codes popped up. My store is set to get a couple new colors in shipment tomorrow. I will do my best to post.
  8. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

    i looked them up. on the 26th there are 2 mens and 2 womens colors dropping for Finish Line. If I counted correctly 8 mens in total and another 7 for women.
  9. fabogus

    AIR MAX 2011 Spring '11 **PICS**

    Inflation kills. Plain and simple.
  10. fabogus

    Air max 2009 12/26 (who copping?)

  11. fabogus

    Official: Manny Pacquiao Thread

    Got mine too...thats redick!
  12. fabogus

    Official: Manny Pacquiao Thread

    word!!!!! Holy tease!  I just ordered mine!  Cant wait
  13. fabogus

    Official APRIL 2010 Nike Outlet/Website/Store Update Thread

    Im going to be in Albany this week, should i just hit the road to Wrentham in my free time or how is Lee outlet in MA? 
  14. fabogus

    Air Max 95/97, NSW news - Finishline

    You're in Raleigh?  My boss from my last store went down to run 428
  15. fabogus

    Air Max 95/97, NSW news - Finishline

    Idk bout anywhere else but I've worked for 4 different Finish Lines, and I would confidently say no one at any footlocker champs or foot action could tell me what it is to over pronate, let alone show me a shoe that will help me.  Truth is product wise Finish Line takes the cake, just because it...
  16. fabogus

    Whats the best Nike Outlet

    as the title says, what do you guys think is the best Nike Outlet?
  17. fabogus

    Please delete

    95s, 97s, 09s...kinda makes me sound like a Air Max %*++*. I noticed in our system when the first AM 09s came out there were only 5 colors, now there are about15. Cant wait to sell Velcro Blazers to 95 year old guys
  18. fabogus

    01' "BRED" RETRO 1s vs. DMP 09' "BRED" RETRO 1S

    I may wait, havent decided i think i work that day anyways so ill have the 170 in my pocket just in case it looks like theyre flying out the door
  19. fabogus

    Post your Air Max 360s

    Old, New, Beat, and everything else. Heres my contributions...
  20. fabogus

    Return Question at Footlocker/Finishline

    theres also colors that FNL got that FL didnt. Not sure on what colors other than i know Volts are a FNL only
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