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  1. needafreshpair

    Is Sneakerhead Club a legit website?!

    just looked at what they have in the Jordan 1 selection they have Fragment 1's....the Fragment logo is outlined in black VS just being lasered in i now have enough to go on to say they arent legit
  2. needafreshpair

    Columbia Air Jordan 4 Retro for 2015 (01/10/15 $190)

    these didnt disappoint at all! was excited about the quality
  3. needafreshpair

    Fragment Design x Retro 1 High OG - Dec 27, 2014

    had this been a GR i wonder how many would have really cared....the cw was dope imo but iont think others cared if the color was doo doo green
  4. needafreshpair

    Official "What's your FAVORITE Jordan of all time?"

    true Blue 3. any year release
  5. needafreshpair

    Air Jordan Retro X "Bulls Over Broadway" (02/14/15 $190)

    not a fan at all. the mostly red upper just IMO makes these not attractive
  6. needafreshpair

    Is Sneakerhead Club a legit website?!

    i've seen 88's on sites well under 600 BUT i do see your point on view i'm thinking i'll buy something via paypal(since they offer protection), after that i can help clear up rather or not they are fraud or not
  7. needafreshpair

    Is Sneakerhead Club a legit website?!

    I was just wonderin the same thing. They don't have a large stock and they accept PayPal, however, they only sell Jordan brand which sometimes comes off as fraud Has there been a clear yes or no on this matter?
  8. needafreshpair

    The Official Nike LeBron XII Thread- "July 4th/USA" & "King's Cloak/Red Paisley" 06/27/15

    i nee to see better cw's before im sold on these fully
  9. needafreshpair

    Official KD VII (7) Thread Updated Technology/Look Info and Release Dates

    i curious about how the global game will look on foot opposed to the stock photo
  10. needafreshpair

    Price Check: DS KD 2 Supreme Scoring Titles Size 13

    These were going for 50 on a couple weeks ago, which em being a promo model i doubt much more...are you considering selling? i may be interested
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