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  1. stylishstef89

    So what's your favorite artist's/group's worst song?

    It can be your favorite artists or groups from any genre...I'm interested to see the varying opinions Nas - You Owe Me Jay - I Know What Girl's Like Sonic Youth - Not really sure here Erykah Badu - Same here
  2. stylishstef89

    Nas - Deja Vu Appreciation

    First verse ended up being used again on Verbal Intercourse (which is also a classic song). The following verses are ...the second verse is arguably my favorite. Could go down as my favorite Nas song. And to think this was just a demo track.
  3. stylishstef89

    Can someone explain to me why Indie Rock is so frowned upon?

    I just started trying to introduce myself into rock and Indie/Alternative Rock seems to appeal to me the most, but it seems to be viewed with a negative light...why is that?
  4. stylishstef89

    So your starting a record label...

    Let's say your the head executive at a new record label. You have to sign two artists that will help you establish your brand. You get to chose from this group: Rapper A, has a straight to the point with no regard for your feelings approach to his music. Has a knack for making club...
  5. stylishstef89

    Apparently, they are trying to start an All-White Basketball League in Georgia

    Basketball league for white Americans targets Augusta -Only natural born citizens of the US with two Caucasian parents are eligible to play. -Hopes to make Augusta one of twelve cities throughout the southeast...
  6. stylishstef89

    If Kobe retired today, what would be his place on the all-time list?

    I've been wondering this for a while, because quite honestly I'm not even sure where Kobe would place on an all-time Lakers list. Which is kind ofamazing considering this is someone quite a few people consider to be the best they've seen since Micheal. MJ Wilt Russell Shaq Magic Bird Kareem...
  7. stylishstef89

    Former NBA player Kirk Synder transferred to Mental Health Facility

    Got this from RealGM....I thought he would've been a solid player in the league, I was wondering what had happened to him. Snyder Transferred To Mental Health Facility Dec 03, 2009 3:24 PM EST Kirk Snyder, a former NBA player, has been transferred to a mental health facility after being...
  8. stylishstef89

    When exactly did Jay-Z take the top spot?

    I'm gonna need some of the older dudes on here to clarify a few things for me, if ya'l don't mind. Now at one point in NY, DMX was the one who wason top of !#@ in NYC. Everywhere you went, DMX/Ruff Ryders was the main thing you heard outta people's whips. So when did Jay exactly take that spot...
  9. stylishstef89

    Where does Patrick Ewing rank among the centers of the 90s?

    We all know the 90s was the era of centers. Where would you rank Ewing out of a group of Shaq, Hakeem, D-Rob, Mourning, and Mutombo?
  10. stylishstef89

    This song used to stay on repeat...

    EVERYBODY went in on this....just straight from all these dudes
  11. stylishstef89

    Someone school me on "Be True To Your School" Dunks

    How many times have they been re-released?
  12. stylishstef89

    "He makes his teammates better"

    I've been somewhat annoyed by this term for a while now. It sounds like they are giving the franchise player/all-star all the praise and recognition forhis teammates contribution or improvement in play. I mean, the only way someone is going to become better is if they want to improve and puts in...
  13. stylishstef89

    Post your dream team Vol. Bedroom Basketball

    - PG - SG - SF - PF - C A good balance of breasts, booty, ethnic backgrounds and freakiness/sex appeal
  14. stylishstef89

    What are your favorite sports documentaries?

    Hoop Dreams is the main one I can think of right now if I were to name a favorite. Through The Fire and The High were cool too, not all time favorites but definately interesting IMO.
  15. stylishstef89

    So what's everyone's opinion on Red Cafe?

    How do you all feel about Red Cafe? He's being doing this for awhile but hasn't really blown up...lemme know what your thoughts are.
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