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  1. bbestsb

    Shattered Backboard Jordan 1 HIGH OG SBB LEGIT CHECK PLEASE

    Hi NT would greatly appreciate a few opinions on these SBB Jordan 1's, are they legit & 100% Authentic? Also curious how to tell if a pair is one of those early release factory UA pairs? Whatever they're calling them now, the ones made with legit materials after hours, but not QC'd? These...
  2. bbestsb

    Jordan Green Glow 4 IV Legit Check Please

    Hey guys, Just got these in the mail from a seller on ebay with tons of posi feedback, he sells lots of notable kicks and everything seemed to check out with him. These seem a bit fishy though. The production dates in each shoe are different (not sure if that's something Nike does now, or...
  3. bbestsb

    Discoloration on Jordan IV 2008 DMP Retro Heal tab

    Sorry if this has been discussed before.  Did a google search and a search here and didn't see anything. So I cracked open my Black/Red 2008 DMP Jordan IV retros a few minutes ago and was shocked to find the left shoe heal tab a completely different color than the right shoe.  Obviously both...
  4. bbestsb

    Anyone else here still using a Hiptop on Fido thats not stoked on the letter that just went out.

    Hey NT Canada, I don't come here often, but I can remember back when I did a lot of people were still using Hiptops. Anyone still using them. I still am, but just gotthe letter that the Hiptop plan is discontinued. We all knew this time would come eventually. Not stoked that the only thing...
  5. bbestsb

    Getting HipTops unlocked in Canada???

    I know there is some Hiptop users on here... Anyone know if and where you can get these things unlocked in Canada. I tried to get Tmobile and some other random place in the states to unlock it and they said they couldnt. Just got off the phone with Fido here and the people they get to service...
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