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  1. koolkatz

    Air Jordan 5 Motorsports (Pics)
  2. koolkatz

    Is this picture actually real

    If so
  3. koolkatz

    Where can i cop the Nike Dunk Year of Pigs @

    where the hell can i get cop these dunks in a sz9/9.5 @ i be looking for these for a lil while now
  4. koolkatz

  5. koolkatz

    New Boyz - You're A Jerk

    @ the being such a HYPEBEAST Men i don't even know how the hell did the new dance jerking spreead from Cali 2 Va
  6. koolkatz

    He got a dragonball z tattoo

    theres more on his profile
  7. koolkatz

    Soulja Boy Gucci Bandana (Music Video)

    I know im late but damn i think it never aired on tv cause i stay watching MTV jams and it never aired on it @ least once
  8. koolkatz

    Info on these Green Flighposites

    Never seen these till the air jordan 6 batman thread info please
  9. koolkatz

    lock it up

    lock it up
  10. koolkatz

    ASAP URGENT Legit check on my Red Supreme Dunks

    Men i shipped my dunks to this iss and yes i have an account and now all of the sudden he says they are fake and the gay thing about is that the sz tag says06-04-03 and right now im sofaking pissed that now he says they are fake and im not trying to get scammed or anything. And the gay thing is...
  11. koolkatz

    Transformers 2 Trailer

  12. koolkatz

    Air Jordan 15 Black and Red Samples(Pics)

    Air Jordan 15 Look see sample (Mods delete if this has been posted up)
  13. koolkatz

    White and Gold Air Jordan 6 Sample(Pics)

    (Mods delete if this has been posted up)
  14. koolkatz


  15. koolkatz

    OMFG A New Dragonball Z Series

    Some anime freaks was talking about this @ school till I did a lil reasearch I was shocked�he was actually telling the truth. Men�I am so�@+@!@@+ blown: It will also be shown in Europe and USA by 2010
  16. koolkatz

    delete mods

    delete mods
  17. koolkatz

    Does anybody even owns this jordan brand jacket?

    (the retail was mad crazy 1,000$ for this jacket)
  18. koolkatz

    Air Jordan 7 60+ Pack (Pics)

    (Mods delete if this has been posted)
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