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  1. youngmoney

    people who work in an office with computer access...HOW DO YOU GUYS STAY FOCUSED

    im in the office today for the first time in a while...(usually on job sites) and i cant get any work done...i stay browsing NT and online shopping you people have it made edit- i guess you have to stay focused so you dont get fired
  2. youngmoney

    whats the furthest youve driven to get some food vol. i need some chick fil a in my life

    so i moved in mid april and the nearest chick fil a is 2 hrs thinking about making the drive this week just to get a bunch of chciken nuggets with polynesian and chick fil a sauce and head right back home crazy? probably but i need this and im not talking abot making a day trip...
  3. youngmoney

    I think im gonna start trolling in real life...pointers or tips?...

    im getting bored with work and my social life how can i be an effective troll?
  4. youngmoney

    CMON WISCONSIN...youre better than this...ALL CAMO EVERYTHING

    took this when i was picking my sister up from work (she works at a movie theater) ...cmon man down to the shoes tho?
  5. youngmoney

    21st birthday in boston

    so im turning 21 this saturday and am gonna be in boston...(helping my aunt move) i just need a name of a club downtown near newburry street that i should hit up...i know the celtics game is than but im still looking for tickets (-_-) so if anyone can give me some advice quickly it would be...
  6. youngmoney

    Any place online where i can RE watch the super bowl? *please respond*

    as the title says i need to re watch this
  7. youngmoney

    what celebrities have blocked you from following them on twitter?.....

    so im fairly new to this and i guess some celebs actually do read their tweets Erin Andrews blocked me yesterday for saying something about her peep hole was directed at aaron rodgers but she obviously got mad and Nick Barnett because i said he was charmin soft and some other...
  8. youngmoney

    Is the Brewers/NT'er Ryan Braun Racist? EDIT- "not at all" pg 2

      *look at jpzx post* post #6
  9. youngmoney

    Justin Bieber Launches Condoms Aimed at Kids...

    and you get a sticker and playing cards of the biebster jk...but you know its coming...i cant knock this kids hustle...
  10. youngmoney

    OFFICIAL Harry Potter and the deathly hallows THREAD

    Its tonight people!!!! and for people who have actually seen the previous movies...greatest gif right here and no harry potter isnt for just 14 yr me go watch these...
  11. youngmoney

    Flavor Flav set to release his own vodka and fast food chicken restaurant...lulz

    yup thats right...FLAVOR FLAV!!! haha
  12. youngmoney

    FIRST CHRISTINA AGUILERA...NOW EVA LONGORIA vol. not funbag related...

    DIVORCED yes caps lock broken i <3 EVA
  13. youngmoney

    SO......yall know they stopped making four lokos vol. getem while you can

    i know theres a 4loko thread but this deserves its own thread...sort of...lulz anyway...if someone can post up that story about the college hgetting piss drunk off of these and thinking someone druged the would be appreciated cause im drunk off loko right now buwhahaha ok so on to...
  14. youngmoney

    Happy Birthday to S4L3 AKA: shoes vol. S&T's Golden Child

    its a celebrashun 
  15. youngmoney

    quick gaming microphone question

    i have a +### mic right now where i cnat hear +###... should i get the turtle beach px21 if you have them tell me if you likem or recommend me some other one please thanks!!
  16. youngmoney

    ....::::::: ENTOURAGE 10:30est::::::...... ps. not on tonight

    i didnt see a thread is there even an episode tonight paging crank
  17. youngmoney

    Isnt life great!!

    beach,beer, females, friends enjoy life yall!! peace
  18. youngmoney

    best car for $20k vol. yes another car thread PLEASE HELP

    whats up guys so im looking for a car/truck/suv for around 20k ive looked at a ford f150 with 60,000 miles which was $18k audi A6 55,000miles, lots of extras, $22k bmw 335i coupe 67,000 miles $22k chevy impala- havent really looked at a specific one but i no they're around that price chevy...
  19. youngmoney

    Modern Warfare 2 ???

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