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  1. letsgetit22

    DMX on IYANA FIX my Life.

    Anyone else watching this on Oprah Winfrey Network? Dude is really hurting. :{ |I
  2. letsgetit22

    I think I dun goofed

    I was just smashing this chick and I think the condom broke. Damn I should have pulled out:\ I don't really know the difference because I've NEVER smashed any chick raw ( team protect yo neck). I mean I can take care of a baby but this chick is not even my girl and the worst part...... I work...
  3. letsgetit22

    Did she really just say that?

     http://www.worldstarhipho...p?v=wshhH9O4G524KK2w9DUm It won't allow me to embed
  4. letsgetit22

    NT, how would you react?

    I would have def been pissed and called him out in front of all the customers.
  5. letsgetit22

    Question about the IPad

    I didn't see any thread on the IPad, so I just started my own. I''m thinking really hard about getting the IPad and wanted to know if it is worth it. I'm tired of carrying my heavy laptop around with me and think the IPad will be more convenient. I'm not balling so I really need it to be...
  6. letsgetit22

    smh and r.i.p to this dude

    And they say dude is a known conservative blogger, not just some random dude on twitter.; background-attachment: initial; background-origin: initial; background-clip: initial...
  7. letsgetit22

    Computer Heads please enter

      Which one is the best for the price...I don't really know too much about computers. And macbook prices are a little too steep for me right now. Sony 15.5" VAIO NW310F Laptop PC with Intel Pentium T4400 Processor & Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium From $598.00 *Base price subject to...
  8. letsgetit22

    Laptop fell apart smh

    So the screen part of my laptop just fell apart...Can I get it fixed or do I have to buy a new laptop? the screws fell out and I have to sit it against the wall in order for it to stay up.  I'm typing this from my laptop, so it obviously still works.
  9. letsgetit22

    5 hour energy vol. Finals

    So I got 3 final's tomorrow and it looks like I will be up all night. I have a few questions. 1. does 5 hour energy really work? 2. how long does it take to work?
  10. letsgetit22

    restaurants not having grades in the window ftl

    I'm from cali and all of our restaurants have grades; however I go to school in atlanta and not one of them have a grade in the window. Even when I'vegone to other big cities in the U.S, I've never seen grades in the window. Is cali the only state that does this? If I see a restaurant without an...
  11. letsgetit22

    new Tyrese show coming on BET Vol: looks interesting

    Sorry, yuku on that dumb #*%% again.
  12. letsgetit22

    Male boxer to have sex change and fight as a woman

    NYDailyNews Reports Boxer Rob Newbiggin will fight for the last time Aug. 14 - as a man, that is. The Southport, England, boxer will undergo a sex change operation, after which he will be a female known as Mercedes, The Southport Visiter reported. Newbiggin, born in Pennsylvania...
  13. letsgetit22

    Question about vacuums

    I'm looking to buy a new vacuum and wanted to know if I can use a steam vacuum as a regular vacuum? ( meaning not trying to clean the carpet)
  14. letsgetit22

    Charges dropped in black man's dragging death in Texas , how you accidentally drag someone 70feet?
  15. letsgetit22

    Pros vs. Joes

    anyone watch that? Pacman jones trying to hurt dudes
  16. letsgetit22

    Forget monopoly, any spades players?

    Im tired of losing in monopoly anyone up for spades?
  17. letsgetit22

    Michael Vick vol. Family guy

    Has anyone seen this?
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