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  1. dakingii

    A degree in Computer Science or CIS(Computer Information Systems)?

    Okay here is the deal NT. I recently graduated from college with a B.A. in Psychology. Im struggling to find a job right now and im no longer interested in pursuing a career in Psychology. I recently have been thinking of going back to school and getting a B.B.A in CIS or a B.S. in Computer...
  2. dakingii

    A question to my NT brethren who have sweating problems...

    Can somebody please recommend me some anti-perspirant deodorant that actually works. Summer school just started back down here and this 93 degree + heat is given me these absurdly huge wet-spots. I had to switch shirts before i even got to class today and it really killed my mood. If i didnt...
  3. dakingii

    At some point you have to stop blaming females and realize that you might be unattractive...

    Am i right? Every time i chill with my homeboys on campus there is always that one dude who always starts talking mess about females and how they do him dirty and @+% and i be like bruh, come on now. I consider myself a good person so i always entertain them and agree to try and uplift they...
  4. dakingii

    Might have a virus on my computer, need NT's help...

    Yea i got some alert that a Trojan virus might be on my computer, i dont know for sure though I did a system restore yesterday and i dont get the alert anymore but i dont think a system restore is enough to get rid of a virus I remember that a couple of you dudes had problems with this type of...
  5. dakingii

    Heads up, 30% off plus free shipping till 10/25

    coupon code:  EMAIL1853  the free shipping is already applied by the website
  6. dakingii

    Quick Question about the iPod Touch

    Im looking into copping an ipod touch, Can someone give me an up to date difference in features(besides the obvious phone issue) between the touch and iphone. All of the articles i found arent up todate and didnt include none of the newer software updates. Like can i have access to any of the...
  7. dakingii

    What Would You Have Done? *Warning: graphic to hardcore gamers

    Girlfriend Destroys Boyfriends Xbox Hot Psycho Girl Destroys Boyfriends Xbox- Watch more Funny Videos
  8. dakingii

    Nt School Me on Levi STF(shrink to fit) Right Quick

    I just copped a pair and i want to know do the legs get skinnier when u wash them? Ive been looking around the net and people say that the waist and length change but i want to know if the legs become more fit as well. Right now them joints look too baggy and im considering taking them back. I...
  9. dakingii

    Official PYD(Post your Dorm) Thread Vol. Pretty original dont you think....

    Panoramic photo of my studio room, im on the couch feels like i have this place to myself, my roommate is always at work while my unemployed lazy @%+ just be chillen EDIT: For those who want to know i got to Georgia State but this is actually the smallest room type in my building, all the...
  10. dakingii

    Move in Weekend, What to do? / Dorming

    So if you dont know i commuted my freshman year of college, biggest mistake of my life so far, IDS at all. But im staying on campus now and i need to know what goes down on move in weekend. My move in date is the 14th. So can yall tell me what your experiences were like *sidenote* I want to...
  11. dakingii

    Niketalk Put me On to some Firefox Add-ons

    I just found out about Add-ons( at myself right) and i need some more recommendations. So which add-ons do you have? I only have the Cooliris and Adblocker Plus right now
  12. dakingii

    Real Men Wear Messenger Bags.....

    I tried to put a regular book bag on the other day and it just didnt look right anymore, so yall young dudes can keep them.
  13. dakingii

    Anybody Check out this New Football Game Backbreaker: Potential to Outshine Madden?

    Video Games | BackBreaker | E3 09: Trailer HD XBox 360 | Playstation 3 | Nintendo Wii Give this game a little more tweaks and improvements and this could be
  14. dakingii

    Walking Around the House Nude Appreciation

    I recommend that everyone try this atleast once in their lives. The freedom that you feel cannot be described, now i understand why there are nudist in the world
  15. dakingii

    Dorm Room Question: Studio dorm room and a Roommate (PICS)

    Alright i commuted my first year of college so i decided to sign up for housing for next year. The school gave me a room but after doing research on it it looks like they gave me a studio room and a room mate. I not comfortable with a studio room and a roommate at all. I dont know the dude at...
  16. dakingii

    True Life: Im Addicted to Porn - did anybody catch this episode?

    at them 2 dudes that were on there One dude had a wife and 4 kids but got kicked out his house because he watched to much porn The other dude was like 30 and still living in his grandmothers house with no job. He just watched porn all day every day The porn star chick on there was though...
  17. dakingii

    HD TV Appreciation Vol. Man's Greatest Invention

    Why wasnt i put on to this +@!% sooner I just hit up Walmart a couple of hours ago and got a 32" HDTV for my room. As soon as i hooked it up i started up the 360 and was blown away. I dont knowhow i even survived with that 10 year old, small *** t.v. i had before I have finally seen the...
  18. dakingii

    People Who Dont Wash Their Hands After Using The Bathroom Unappreciation

    like seriously who does that. When the bathrooms on campus be packed there isalways those dudes who dont wash their hands. Is it that hard to make a small detour to the 5 empty sinks right behind you. I be looking like this when i see these dudes just walk in and walk out
  19. dakingii

    Being Out of the Loop on Decent Sneakers Releasing Unappreciation

    Ever since i started only visitng the general section, ive been out of the loop on shoes that are releasing, and the fact that jordan and nike are releasingmore garbage sneakers than ever, ive been missing out on sneakers that are actually worthy of buying. I skimmed through the Jordan brand...
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