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  1. thekryptonite

    Help me create awareness of a great non-profit organization, Travel 2 Change!

    Since Niketalk is passionate about helping out non-profits. I thought i would introduce 'Travel2Change' to you guys. If you've ever wanted to travel, and help those less fortunate in the process, this is a great initiative to look into.
  2. thekryptonite

    Any Hawaii based NT'ers?

    So I moved out here for school not too long ago, living on Oahu. Was just wondering if there were any other members who lived around? Maybe someone could tell me good places to go eat! :D Thank you.
  3. thekryptonite

    The Gif potential is incredible Vol. Aerobics Championship 1988

    This is a must watch for you guys. Someone please embed it for me
  4. thekryptonite

    London riots occuring at the moment vol. Madness!

    This is getting crazy, there are currently riots going on around London which started in Tottenham. It has been mad.� Any other London/English people on here? Apparently people are using Blackberry Messenger to try and get others involved.
  5. thekryptonite

    Have any of you been to or lived in Hawaii?

    So i'm moving this summer to Hawaii where I will be attending university. Could any NT'ers tell me some good places to eat at, where the best beaches are etc. Would be much appreciated.
  6. thekryptonite

    Dog getting teased by owner. (You will LOL)

    So funny.
  7. thekryptonite

    The after party with potentially the most swag ever..?! (VIDEO)

    Musical genius. EDIT: So i'm late.. a mod can delete it now.
  8. thekryptonite

    Thread Derailed - Saba's girlfriend (?) has an NT account! PG 3.

    Just need a really quick logo made, a nice font with the intials 'MOCA'. Possibly on a planet or something? Anything would be appreciated, NT fam. 
  9. thekryptonite


    Image posted.
  10. thekryptonite

    Baby monkey going backwards on a pig. Vol. You laugh, you lose.

    edit : turns out the 'baby pig' is in fact a boar.
  11. thekryptonite

    Making conversation on trains..

    So has anyone else been in this position, you get on the train/subway and then someone starts talking to you.. do you mind it? Or does it just annoy you? Do you ever start conversation with any randomers yourself? I never do.
  12. thekryptonite

    Jessica Lowndes Appreciation Thread

    Who else agrees she is fine?
  13. thekryptonite

    Cambridge overtakes Harvard as the world's top university.

    I don't know how much I believe this, or what they base it on. But here are the top 100 universities in the world, according to The Times. Are any NT'ers schools on there? The list seems pretty bad. This may not interest many people.
  14. thekryptonite


    Double, no idea what happened.
  15. thekryptonite

    The best film trilogy of all time is...

  16. thekryptonite

    Soul Train Appreciation.

    Looking back on some of these videos, there are some definite gif worthy moments. Check out the moves.
  17. thekryptonite

    So NT, have you ever got your johnson out around your kids/friends/wife?

    Don't know how to embed but, have you?
  18. thekryptonite

    (RAH)² (AH)³ + [ROMA (1+MA)] + (GA)² + (OOH)(LA)²

    Can anyone solve this equation?
  19. thekryptonite

    Do any of you coach basketball?

    Was just wondering if there are any coaches on NT, and what age do you coach?
  20. thekryptonite

    Write to a prisoner

    This is definitely going to be 'old' but i'm sure some people are yet to see it. A weird site but kinda interesting.
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