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  1. ducatiti

    Ultra Boost with a suit/business attire?

    Ever wear your Ultra Boost to work in a suit? Yay or Nay?
  2. ducatiti

    Jordan 11 Bred Authentic vs Unauthorized: TEST

    This is strictly for educational purposes only. One pair was purchased directly from while the other is unauthorized. Pictures will always have the size 12 on the left and size 11 on the right. You be the judge =) ^^ Left pair size 12; Right pair Size 11 ^^ Size 12 ^^ Size 11...
  3. ducatiti

    Jordan 12 Taxi Legit Check Please

    Please help. Kindly let me know if these are legit. Only pics I have for now are shown below.
  4. ducatiti

    Removing unwanted glue from 11 Bred's leather

    Still trying to decide if I should just leave this glue mark alone by the jumpman's forearm. Any suggestions? Pencil eraser, acetone, alcohol? I'm afraid I might mess it up even more. Pic below for your reference.
  5. ducatiti

    Jordan 11 Legend Blue Legit Check Please

    I plan to pick these up today and would like to ask your opinions. Thanks.
  6. ducatiti

    Leather quality on 2012 Jordan 11 Bred?

    How does the leather feel where the jumpman is on the heel, compared to a 2016 Space Jam 11? I have both on hand and the leather on the Space Jam is more plush. Is this a normal characteristic of the bred 11's that will soften up over time? To be honest, it feels like cardboard vinyl like. But...
  7. ducatiti

    Jordan 11 Bred Legit Check PLEASE

    I plan to pick these up tomorrow and would like to seek for your assistance. These are the pictures provided. Thank you in advance for your kind assistance.
  8. ducatiti

    Help Please: Need to find out if these Space Jam 11's are legit

    I will be picking these up tomorrow. Please let me know if these are authentic. Thanks in advance.
  9. ducatiti

    Which shoe will hold its value more?: 2016 Space Jam 11's vs 2015 72-10 11's

    Hello all, New member here and would like to know which would more valuable in the long run as a DS? Sorry but I'm still learning about this collection craze. I'm telling you this though, it's truly addicting. I bought 8 or 9 new pairs in the last three months or so and have not worn any of...
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