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  1. Fozzy Badfeet

    ABC's Designated Survivor (Starring Keifer Sutherland) Wednesday at 10PM

    Anyone here check this show out? I was interested simply because of Keifer Sutherland and the fact I moved to the DMV lol. The pilot was good establishing the characters and how they'll be used in the show. Got me hooked to tune in weekly. Side note: I feel like this is a prequel to 24 lol.
  2. Fozzy Badfeet

    Possible Job offer in Fairfax, VA

    Whats up NTers of DMV, I may be looking ahead, but I like to prepare myself. Anyway, I will be flying into Dulles, for a job interview located in Fairfax. I have been scouting the VA side of places to live and folks in the Job thread, were helpful enough in suggesting possible locations to move...
  3. Fozzy Badfeet

    Going to SoCal on Labor Day Weekend

    Hi SoCal folks, The wife and I are planning on taking a trip to Manhattan or Hermosa Beach for Labor Day Weekend. Anyone have any insight of what there is to do in that area?I know that there will be a Festival at Hermosa beach all weekend long, but other than that...we don't know much. We were...
  4. Fozzy Badfeet

    Driving to Portland on Labor Day Weekend.

    Hello, My wife and I are planning on driving to Portland during Labor Day Weekend, starting our trip on Friday. Any suggestions or tips on what to expect when I drive up North? I plan on driving up I-5 and making frequent stops (to eat and bathroom breaks, wife is pregnant) Also, if anyone has...
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