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  1. crank lucas

    I was just about to get some work done too

    \ [/spoiler]
  2. crank lucas

    Rutgers to permanently cancel Rutgersfest.... this is why we cant have nice things Pitbull was there, 3oh3 and some other dude yelawolf?  I got out of there EARLY. It got out of CONTROL this past weekend after the concert.. it was just straight mayhem. loud riots, parked cars getting smashed, drunks lying on the ground. 5...
  3. crank lucas

    Donald Trump's political stance 2012 ( i ain't even mad ) woodvotefor/10 The Trumpster knows how to get $%*+ done, Let's see how things unfold
  4. crank lucas

    EPIC SONG, must be appreciated by fans of any genre

    makes me want to grind someones skin with a cheese grater much appreciated
  5. crank lucas

    REBECCA BLACK Friday friday gotta get down on friidaayyyyyyyyyyyyy

    kickin it in the front seat sittin in the back seat which seattt do i taakkkeeeeeee
  6. crank lucas

    Skylar Grey> hack Rihhanna on ILTWYL

    she wrote the dam thing I am ashamed @ Em right now for selling out to rihanna even if it would garnish more ears
  7. crank lucas


    I see this every 10 minutes [/spoiler]
  8. crank lucas

    SCUMBAG STEVE meme is my favourite right now

    its been going under the radar lets share then the actual scumbag steve find out lol let me try some nt related ones?
  9. crank lucas

    If you listen to 20 Drake songs in a row you end up with the same message from song #1

    that's why thank me later is in the recycling bin good vocals but he isn't saying anything
  10. crank lucas

    Guns N Roses APPRECIATION ...........YEA YOU MAD

    best evar? DEF up there.........for the record...........slash>>>>>>axl 3 fav Estranged Rocket Queen Paradise City tell me if your mad
  11. crank lucas

    If you havent seen yesterdays "I USED TO BE FAT" you better right now best hour of mtv Ive ever seen, the trainer was dropping memes all over the place. inspirational too. you know I wouldnt link you to an hour video if its junk.
  12. crank lucas

    Moar PICS of this fine specimen ridic body vol. I shed a single tear

    I think we can all appreciate this
  13. crank lucas

    Marky Zuckster hover handing Katy Perry?

    shouldnt we hug awkward hug commence you see that over there. yea you cant afford that dont mind the pervs to your right dat mass possible hover hand? left didnt even try son I am dissapoint
  14. crank lucas

    Has anyone had Sonic.............first time.............pretty effing good

    THAT JUNK WAS TASTY  had to search none in nyc at first I was confused as hell because this cute chick comes out in rollerblades and Im like *#! is going on how do I eat here I didnt know you park and order from your car. got a super sonic burger and tater tots with chilli&cheese........was...
  15. crank lucas

    What does black and yellow mean?

    who is the guy wiz califa? what is he refering too? Im not about that life
  16. crank lucas

    Nickelodeon hotties god dam would wife X32830394343 (move over selena gomez)

    Victoria Justice and her redhead friend ^little man knows
  17. crank lucas

    Michael Jordan's money is still loooooooong

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