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  1. p0tat0 5alad

    Price Check on a few sz 14/15 CDPs, Playoff VIIIs, Bred XIXs, Flint VIIs

    Hey guys, I've been out of the collecting game for a few years now but funds are getting low so I think it's time to let these go. I just wanted an idea of what I should be asking for. Everything comes in original packaging (except Bred XIXs) and I have everything except retro cards where...
  2. p0tat0 5alad

    Video Request: Prank

    The video was a prank where 2 dudes pulled their sleeping friend into the pool. Any help finding it is appreciated 
  3. p0tat0 5alad

    Funniest Tumblr Page You Follow Vol. Ghetto Hikes

    Someone showed this to me today. I'm 28. I have a full time job leading urban kids on nature hikes. I simply write down the $#&% they say. There, it's mostly text based though so there aren't that many images to beging with.
  4. p0tat0 5alad

    Favorite Hot Sauce for Latin American Food?

    So I love my food spicy and I always have a few staples. I usually use Louisiana or Frank's Red Hot for most foods. For Asian foods I use Sriracha or the Sambal Oelek chili paste. I don't have anything for any type of Latin American cuisine. So far I'm really digging Just wondering what would...
  5. p0tat0 5alad

    Can you ask a girl out via text? Vol. Team Beta

    Say for example you just got done hanging out with a girl and you guys really hit it off. When it was getting to that part where you head your separate ways, it was kind of awkward as if both of you knew what should happen. Then you get to you car, disgusted with yourself and your uber-beta...
  6. p0tat0 5alad

    Roommates don't kill bugs? Vol. Are you serious?

    So I've known these two for the past 4 years and have lived with their in various dorms around campus for the past 3 years. This year we live in apartments on campus and since we aren't in a centralized building, we have to deal with bugs and insects more than we've had to in the past. Today one...
  7. p0tat0 5alad

    He has a point though Vol. First Dates

      Sorry if late
  8. p0tat0 5alad


    I don't even care, this is funny to me *not my pic*
  9. p0tat0 5alad

    Anyone ever get a ticket on campus? Vol. Can I defend myself in court?

    I live & work on my schools campus. It is like a 5 min drive between the two. I left work and had to take a left to get to my parking lot. There were noooooo cars coming and I slowed to a crawl. I took my left and a cop car came out a parking lot and put his lights on. Basically I got a ticket...
  10. p0tat0 5alad

    Anybody ever eat a Luther Burger? Vol. Heart Attack waiting to happen

    Just made two, they are good but I can feel it going down. Never again...
  11. p0tat0 5alad

    Woman lives in 90 sq ft apartment Vol. Ninjahood's dream girl

    � � Sorry if late/already posted $700 a month� x
  12. p0tat0 5alad

    Happy 21st Bday to me Vol. St Patrick's Day

    Turn 21 but I got classes almost all day so today will probably suck 
  13. p0tat0 5alad

    Netflix Owners, watch Pressure Cooker NOW

    This is a great documentary. Its about inner-city (Philly) kids competing for scholarships in the field of culinary arts. Very inspirational stuff, you won't be disappointed.
  14. p0tat0 5alad

    Last 3 albums you listened to without skipping

    Just like title says.
  15. p0tat0 5alad

    NT: What are your favorite bad movies?

    Just as title says. buddy/cop movie CHECK cheesy one liners CHECK poorly edited CHECK bad fight scenes CHECK movie is
  16. p0tat0 5alad

    NT it finally happened Vol. RRoD

    After 4 years my xbox finally bite the dust early this morning. Thing was on its last leg anyways and I was having a bunch of problems with it. Just sucks that winter break ended this way.  Guess its time to save up for a Xbox Slim...
  17. p0tat0 5alad

    NT: How much did you get robbed for this semester? Vol. That's it?!?

    Spent $180 on books this semester, grand total of $21
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