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  1. ziostilon

    Millennials have a decreasing sense of commitment to their employer/organization

    The Washington Post article is about millennials leaking government secrets, but within the article it brings up the point that Millennials are less attached to the organization which they are employed by. Washington Post Article The days of staying with one company your whole life are fading...
  2. ziostilon

    How important is saving up for a house to you right now?

    Considering how much buying a house cost nowadays in most major cities Philosophically, how important is it to you to save up a large chunk of funds to purchase that piece of real estate. I bring up real estate because that is the largest chunk of most people's asset worth. I see people in...
  3. ziostilon

    Do you swear on your first date?

    Just naturally i drop the "you're *expletive* hot/cute, as a compliment Do you swear on your 1st date. Or do you wait for your partner to do it first and then you know it's okay to do your thing.
  4. ziostilon

    How much cash do you carry when travelling abroad

    In 2017, more and more places accept credit cards. When you're travelling abroad, are you worried about pick-pocketters. Or perhaps get assaulted and robbed. That's one of the risks you take when you carry large sums of cash. However, if you carry around your debit card... you run the risk...
  5. ziostilon

    Have you stayed in a hostel?

    Hostels seems like a great place to stay when you're either traveling alone or just with a couple people Unlike hotels where you have your own private room. Did you ever have any security issues with your belongings because you're sharing a room with many other people in a hostel. I know most...
  6. ziostilon

    Was your dorm restroom & showers unisex?

    I didn't know this was still a thing in 2016. A cousin moved into his dorm and to my dismay the shower/restroom is unisex It isn't unisex in all the residence buildings, but that specific one is like that The other university in the region was recently hit with a sexual assault scandal. So it...
  7. ziostilon

    Is your city boring, activities and people wise

    Not from the perspective of a tourist, but as someone whom is living in that city for years Does your city get that boring vibe As a young professional, no family, no kids yet... What are you up to in your free time In Vancouver, if you're not into outdoor recreational activities. Then you're...
  8. ziostilon

    Differing financial situations: Who pays on the first couple dates

    There is this conundrum when you're trying to get to know someone on the first couple dates. If she is a student, and you're a full-time working member of society. The two of you are going to have different financial situations, and if both of you are fiscally responsible, you will be living...
  9. ziostilon

    What you doing on the weekend (Doesn't revolve around Drugs & Alcohol)

    Subtracting you going over to your boy's pad to smoke one or vice versa What do you/people in your city generally do on the weekends? Here we've got: Hikes, walk around parks, walks along the seawall, museums, canoeing, boat fishing, community cultural events
  10. ziostilon

    Teen pregnancy down in Asia-Pacific, except Philippines – report

    LINK LINK Y'all some sick people
  11. ziostilon

    Thin Skin people unappreciation vol. Not sorry about that

    Who else is tired of having to be their own public relations officer. Having to watch what you say and how you phrase it. I don't have the best body language, smirk lots, snicker, laugh under my breath. These thin skin people gotta stop taking everything so seriously and personally. Get...
  12. ziostilon

    Current airing TV shows you're watching

    With the exception of a couple shows that have their own thread on here; a large majority do not Wondering what everyone is watching nowadays Not taking about you watching re-runs of The Wire, but the new stuff instead Outsiders (WGN AMERICA) Mr. D (CBC) The Blacklist (NBC) Dark Net...
  13. ziostilon

    What you do after work, daily?

    You can't really do much if you get off late + the commute. By the time you get home, you're fixing supper. I'm guessing for most people it's the Gym. anybody join a local recreation league, that's mostly a meet once per week thing
  14. ziostilon

    Competition between co-workers; Every man for himself

    Everything is all rainbow and butterflies when the company is doing great But when there is a hint of instability, down-sizing. That is when it's every man for himself You are taking food off of his family's table You are biting into his daughter's college fund. she gon have to hit the...
  15. ziostilon

    Amount of vacation days you have in 2016 | where u going

    How many vacation days do you have in 2016 Are you allowed to book off more than your alloted amount of days If you're booking cheap flights, you should probably look for it now
  16. ziostilon

    Live Music Show or Sporting Events vol. Where's your entertainment $ going?

    I'm doing this poll on neutral ground. Not the S&T forum, or the Music forum. If you had to choose, where are your entertainment dollars going For Live Music Show, that means anything from your local bar, to a concert hall, to stadiums, to music festivals For Sporting Event, we're referring...
  17. ziostilon

    Plastic Surgery = Cheating, Agree or Disagree? vol. PEDs

    Dubai, South Korea... places known to be hubs for plastic surgery Some do it for self-esteem issues, physical deformations from birth or from an accident. Many, I believe do it to conform to the western idea of beauty. Usually, it starts out small (just the eyelids), then it expands to the...
  18. ziostilon

    Conversations to Avoid Having on a First Date

    Complex had an article back in 2013. 30 Conversations to Avoid Having on a First Date eHarmony has summarized it to Eight: It's a bit easier if this is someone you've met through friends. But when it comes to a complete stranger, you're gonna have to test the water for the right...
  19. ziostilon

    Kate Moss hasn't aged well. Agree or Disagree

    NT has told me that white women don't age well This was a top tier model of recent time How do you think models today will age. More specifically those IG models and social media platform models Is it true that some things never change. She'll get swopped up by some rich simp and live...
  20. ziostilon

    Reforming College Sports: Best-Selling Author John U. Bacon Makes His Case It's an old article from 2013. But much of this still stands. Talks about paying players. But brings up this very good point His Conclusion is the NFL and the NBA need to...
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