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  1. quickness1220

    Nike Air Flow Retro

    *Pic courtesy of brunoattaglia* The shoes above the Air Pegasus 89 Retro. Any info to when these are releasing? They are obviously being retroed if they are in this catalog along with thePegasus'. If someone has this catalog and it gives some info, please share it with the rest of the world...
  2. quickness1220

    Halloween Co.Jp Dunk ??

    I have a pair of halloween dunks that are kind of yellowed on the flourescent white (toe box, side panels, back heel) and I was wondering if there is anyway to maybe make it not so yellow? I figured there isnt, but its worth a try, right? And I dont want to send them anywhere, i prefer it...
  3. quickness1220

    Mods Please Delete

    I think you meant to put this in the General Forum? You'll never work well with our group, not with the faults we found So we fixed you with cement goulashes and no one can save you now Two Loves: Hicks & Kicks
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