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    SHOE+TOPIA 5 - SATURDAY NOVEMBER 16TH - VERIZON CENTER + Wiz VS. Cavs Game FREE Like our FaceBook page for all the latest updates: Every ticket to the show gets you in for the Wizards vs. Cavs 7PM game FREE! Saturday, November 16th
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    Moving to Los Angeles from the DMV - Sup?

    I posted this in the SoCal section but I thought I'd try here as well to gauge responses from others that may have made the same move. >D
  3. hustlinflip

    Moving to Los Angeles from the DMV - Sup?

    So I recently accepted a tentative job offer for a position in Los Angeles, either in North or West LA. I've never been to LA and was born and raised in the DMV area my whole life. What's there to do & expect? Where are the good/nice neighborhoods or specific places to live? Looks like I...
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    Hey guys, haven't really been on here in a good minute (new layout is taking some time to get used to). Anyway make sure to come check this out! $5 Admission OR Free Admission with a donation of a pair of wearable sneakers for charity. More details, including info on reserving a table, can...
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    If HITLER was a "Sneakerhead" ... LOL!.

    Sorry if I'm late.
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    Nike Flightposite One x Nike Goadome = Nike I-95 Posite Max Boot :X

    These are hideous... Via...
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    STEELERS RELEASE HINES WARD,1589870.story?track=rss
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    Anyone have a tire/wheel hookup?

    I have two sets of tires/wheels that need to be mounted and balanced. One set is not together - 4 rims and 4 tires loose. (17") Another set I need tires taken off of one set of rims and put onto a different set of rims. (16") Been shopping around, just want to see if anyone has the hookup...
  9. hustlinflip

    (EDIT: FOAM RAFFLE!) ShoeTopia 3 - DMV's BEST SHOE EVENT! NOVEMBER 19th - Icons in Fairfax Ages 18+

    EDIT: NT's own djshabby200? and his crew TEAM DECADE of Decade Footwear will be hosting a raffle of $1 per ticket. If you cop one of their shirts, you're given a free ticket. You can enter as many times as you'd like. Of the many prizes up for grabs includes a size 9.5 pair of these (winner...
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    This just in... http://www.huffingtonpost...28.html?icid=maing-grid7|main5|dl1|sec3_lnk1|83387
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    People with M.J. as their initials that have their own shoes?

    ... Besides the obvious Michael Jordan of course. Only ones I can think of are Magic Johnson (converse) and Michael Jackson (LA Gear) Anyone else have any idea? My friend is trying to win a free bike, just trying to help him out. Thanks!
  12. hustlinflip

    Senseless violence over the new foams... (news broadcast)

    This is a damn shame. Some of my friends knew the victim. He wasn't even into sneakers, he was helping his friend that got jumped. I've been hearing unconfirmed reports of 2 deaths, MULTIPLE stabbings, and at least 12 robberies between PG Plaza and Iverson.
  13. hustlinflip

    Official July 2011 WDYWT: No Pic Quoting! VOL. IT'S HOT OUTSIDE!

    Sorry for the Droid Incredible pic... AM09's for work...
  14. hustlinflip

    Official July 2011 Pick-Up Post: No Pic Quoting!

    Created a new one for the month of July, hope the mods don't mind: Copped all of these within the past 4 days: Navy Battleground FP3's Nike Air Total Foamposite Max 2001 Jordan Retro 1 Royals 2000 Jordan 6 Retro+ Olympics 2002 Jordan XVII College Blue Enjoy this summer NT!
  15. hustlinflip

    ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION - What's your position NT?

    Disclaimer: I'm Asian and a legal citizen of the United States. So with the recent "coming out the closet" type situations among prominent figures regarding their illegal status here within the United States, where do you guys stand on this topic? For those that don't follow the news: Most...
  16. hustlinflip

    PRICE CHECK: Air Jordan Premio BIN Retro 2's

    So I have a size 8.5 in the Jordan Premio BIN Retro 2's worn once. How much do you think they'd go for and/or a fair asking price? Thanks!
  17. hustlinflip

    Car Town on Facebook

    So i was faithfully against FarmVille, but after much resistance I've succombed to the likes of Car Town Anyone here play it? I could use some neighbors/gifts.
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  19. hustlinflip

    Red Griffey's?

    My mans is looking for a pair, anyone seen these in a 10.5-11??? Thanks!
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