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  1. oo206oo

    OJ Simpson thinks he is Khloe Kardashian's biological father...wut?

    I dont really give a damn about the Kardashians, but this is hilarious to me. O.J. Simpson has a lot of time to think in prison, and it looks like his imagination might be running away...
  2. oo206oo

    Deniro and Jay-Z got BEEF? ..........vol. Best beef EVAR? Spies say “Godfather II” and “Taxi Driver” star De Niro gave Jay a dressing-down in a roomful of celebs including Martin Scorsese because the rap mogul had refused to return De Niro’s...
  3. oo206oo

    Anyone else see NIKETALK on the front page of right now?...(link)

    Check it out. Its an interesting write up.
  4. oo206oo

    Is it just me, or are there a lot of threads on NT lately revolving around race, & male grooming?

    What the hell is going on around here?
  5. oo206oo

    MILLIONAIRE BEARD CLUB: I need this shirt, help me out NT......plz?

    Ive wanted this shirt for a while, but every time i look for it, i hit a dead end. (namely, Merk Material's myspace page). Anyone out there that has info, or could help an NTer out? Philly NTers maybe? k thnx
  6. oo206oo

    MYA PIC.... 1/3 cute skinny chick, 2/3 fat chick....explain please.

    Im not here to argue the definition of "thick" vs "fat" etc. Im just sayin, look at this pic. How is the upper left half a cute skinny chick, and the rest of it is a chick on her way to obesity in a couple of years? Kinda has me like 
  7. oo206oo

    What whiskey you drinking tonight?....

    Im gonna be at my boy's pub imbibing ludicrous amounts of Jameson.  As well as more conservative amounts of Jameson 18 year.
  8. oo206oo

    NTers with IT / Computer knowledge.... I suddenly cant view pics and vids....

    Sometime yesterday, i noticed a lot more jpgs werent showing up when i was browsing online (But only SOME jpgs. Some would show, some wouldnt).  Then i noticed youtube vids wouldnt play either. They'll buffer completely but wont play.  Im on a PC. Im using Chrome as my browser. But i tried IE...
  9. oo206oo

    DecemBEARD! 2010.....THE FINALE.

    One more month. Im going in. Who's with me?  (After the lack of follow-through in the Novembeard thread, i expect little to none in this one, participation wise. But im goin in!)
  10. oo206oo

    oo206oo NEW DRAWING....Larry vs Doc

    I dont post much of my artwork here, but i thought NT might like this one. •Acrylic wash • Bic Pen • 11x14 Bristol Also, if anyone is interested, i had 30 prints made. Then hand signed and numbered each one. Ive sold a little over half of them in about a week. If interested in purchasing...
  11. oo206oo

    NT: Vote for oo206oo and mstrpln in this fitted hat/design contest.....please?

    So myself and fellow NT veteran MSTRPLN entered this design contest at  The site is run by a couple of guys at this design firm who specialize in baseball team logos/identities (both minor and major league teams). They decided to hold a contest and give their readers an...
  12. oo206oo

    FORTUNE COOKIES: If i don't eat the cookie, is the fortune null and void?

    Is there some kind of superstition involved here? Like, if i dont eat it, the fortune doesnt come true? I never eat the cookie, i just dont like em, but i always look at the fortune. (ps- does anyone actually LIKE the cookie? Ugh.)
  13. oo206oo

    oo Official Niketalk HOLIDAY BEARD Thread oo ...Update : FINAL PICS

    So, I rock a beard pretty much all the time, in varying lengths. But Im growing it out all month long. (My mom is gonna hate me when she sees me on Christmasmorning with a huge beard) Post yours, or start one today and come back and post your progress in a week or something. Holiday beards FTW...
  14. oo206oo

    Rip Hamilton's hairline... o_0 ...what the?......(NT loves hairline threads) did that happen so fast?
  15. oo206oo

    This whole " *DEAD* " phenomenon...Anything ever been played out faster?

    Seriously. At least YNS is still semi-funny, but damn, you cant go into a thread these days without seeing *DEAD* at least once. And it seems like all it takes is a well played GIF. Maybe its just me though.
  16. oo206oo

    These new ADs WITH AUDIO need to stop...

    How long have these damn ads on NT been goin on? Its pretty damn annoying to have to click the damn volume button on the top of the ad on every page. Makes it harder to browse NT undetected while at work. Mods, what gives? Can we end this madness?
  17. oo206oo

    TYLER PERRY makes $75 Million a year? ...... Seriously?

    Hollywood's top money makers:
  18. oo206oo

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY CHRIS COOL aka sikwitit...

    ...your favorite white girl's favorite white boy. I dont even know how old this bum is, but i bet his liver looks like its 55 and belongs to Artie Lang. Ima put back some Jameson for you tonight, you old beanpole Shawn Bradley tape-wom havin bum.
  19. oo206oo

    PYF...Post a pic of you and your folks...vol.1

    aka, this is what we'll be lookin like in 30 years... Me and my pops on Christmas gotta love the old man wrinkly hat steez.
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