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    Lots of good stuff here. Just to add stuff no one has added yet: Björk - Homogenic Ahmad Jamal - The Awakening Electric Light Orchestra - Out of the Blue Tom Petty - Hard Promises Talking Heads - Speaking in Tongues The Shins - Wincing the Night Away Oasis - What's the Story? (Morning Glory)...
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    The Man with the iron fist soundtrack tracklist in stores october 23rd

    The Black Keys & RZA – The Baddest Man Alive by
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    Pete Rock's Delicious Vinyl 25th Anniversary Mix

    1. Pete Rock – Intro 2. Masta Ace Incorporated – Sittin’ On Chrome 3. Masta Ace Incorporated – Sittin’ On Chrome (Pitkin Ave Mix) 4. Young MC – Principals Office 5. The Pharcyde – Drop! 6. The Brand New Heavies feat. Black Sheep – State Of Yo 7. The WhoRidas – Shot Callin’ & Big Ballin’ 8. The...
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    Danny! New album payback! Drops sept 25th vol..Mr swain!! Performing live on Jimmy fallon 9/20 Albu

    im loving this album. it took a few songs for me to get the Missy/Timbaland production homages
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    **Official Lupe Fiasco Thread** (LASERS March 8, 2011 // Friend of The People Coming Soon)

    my thoughts exactly. I do give props to the lyricism because that is his strong suit, but most of the album is just meh. I like ITAL and BAd ***** but the rest |I
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    2012 Secret Santa Thread: Master lists posted PG1

    this will be my second go around participating...PM sent
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    The official Walking Dead COMIC BOOK thread Vol. I can read pictures so I'm better than you

    just knocked out 1-101 in like 3 days. I dont like the show all that much but the comic is sooooo much more fulfilling
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    The Pharcyde & A Tribe Called Quest Mash-Up - Bizarre Tribe Runnin'

    can't wait to give this a spin
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    do i need to read previous DC issues before i start The New 52? I know more than the average person on character historues but i just got an iPad and im reading all the major stories. Im just about done with Knightfall and i wanna pick up a good running series, heard good things about some of...
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    Apple's September 12 invite hints at iPhone 5. Upgrade to iOS 6 now.

    early upgrade is full upgrade + $200 Full upgrade pricing" 16GB-$199 32GB-$299 64GB- $399 Early upgrade pricing 16GB- $399 32GB-$499 64GB-$599
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    14 NBA Players Working on Collaborative Rap Album

    do they not remember this garbage?
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    For the runners: Best Headphones for long runs?

    go with the M6-BK instead. just as good for half the price. they're well made so theyll last but cheap enough that if you lose them you'll still be good. sweat won't make them deteriorate either
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    The Killing Season 2 FINALE: Episode 13 'What I Know' Sunday June 17th 9:00PM(Finally.)
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    I'm taking 26 Avy Requests. Vol : Music Forum Edition

    0:19 - 0:29, if possible. basically my avy now but framed better for this platform. take whatever stylistic freedoms necessary
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    I'm taking 26 Avy Requests. Vol : Music Forum Edition

    in for one please
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    Where my post count go?

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    THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Official Thread - 6/28 - TV Spot 10 on Last Page (More Selina Kyle)

    just knocked out Batman Begins and The Dark Knight. So stoked for tonight at leaving work early to head to the theater
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    hmmm... yuck fuku niketalk=/=sneakertalk

    i am so confused
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