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    Detroit Pistons @ PHX SUNS Sunday 12:30 NBA on ESPN on ABC on HDTV

    This game will be more like the Celtics game than the Fakers game for PHX. We won't see much of the old running Suns. This is the type of game that Shaq will make a difference in. Too bad we're in the West and we don't getmany of these games. Detroit is more physical than Boston, and that game...
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    Post your hospital stories

    Last year at this time I was in the hospital. I got the flu, and it made my asthma so bad that I had to be hospitalized for an entire week. I could hardly breathe when I went in. My pregnant wife was visiting me and her water broke (three weeks early). I missed the birth of my son because they...
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    Lakers @ PHX SUNS Wednesday vol. Once again it's on.

    The Evil Empire returns to Phoenix to face the new look Suns. Shaq should hopefully play. As much as I can't stand the Shaq deal, I'm very intrigued to see what happens when he plays against the classlessorganization that let the little %$*+@ formerly known as #8 dictate its personnel moves...
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    Mavs @ PHX SUNS Thursday TNT

    We'll get killed tonight. Matrix always would play big against Dallas. Now we have no Matrix, and no fat lazy out of shape Shaq in the lineup. Stat's going to need to be a beast to beat this team. Hopefully Mr. Softee _irk will pull one of his patented vanishing acts. Good thing some moron...
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    Possible "hidden" motivation for Suns deal for Shaq

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    Post your timeline of favorite players

    After Shawn Marion was traded I'm currently debating who my new favorite NBA player will be...or if I should stick with Trix even though he is with adifferent team - that really wouldn't seem right though. That got me thinking about who my favorite players have been through the years. My first...
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    LOL @ Rick Pitino's white suit

    I can't seem to find any pics online, but Pitino wore an all white suit in the first half tonight vs. G'Town. He changed at halftime.
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    Shawn Marion Suns career appreciation / pics.

    This is a sad day for Suns fans. I would like to remember a great Sun who shouldn't have gone out this way. He was drafted out of UNLV with the #9 pick in 1999...most people said "Shawn Who?" He was nicknamed "The Matrix" by Kenny Smith due to his explosive dunks, exciting finishes, and...
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    Jose Juan Barea really sucks

    This dude is a joke. Now I know why Dallas rarely plays him after seeing him get significant minutes. First he tries to get into a fight with a guy who is five inches taller and 30 lbs heavier in Rodney Stuckey. Little ****** Barea would have been murdered. Then he has 3 TO and 0 AST in just 13...
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    Grizzlies preparing to move?

    Anyone think that these moves scream of a salary dump in order to up the value of a franchise for a potential sale and move out of Memphis? The people of Memphis clearly treat the team as second class citizens - the Tigers are and always will be the #1 team in that town. The team has made...
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    D-League = AAA baseball?

    I was watching the Mavs-Pistons game and Jeff Van Blundy made a good point about the D-League. He said that more NBA teams should buy a D-League team - likethe Fakers have the D-Fenders and the Spurs* have Austin. This way, they could be sure their guys get developed the way they want them to...
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    Spurs* @ PHX SUNS Thursday vol. Horry must be taken out

    This is the first meeting between these two teams in Phx since the infamous playoff series last year. A local radio station is giving out David $tern masks to the fans tonight. Hopefully the Suns put a bounty on Horry's head. I want $arver to give a $1,000,000 bonus to any Suns player that...
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    Where the Patriots are staying in AZ (Pics)

    Westin Kierland resort
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    Shaq's monthly expenses

    Just a sample $24,300 at the gas station filling up $17,220 on clothes $6,730 on laundry and dry cleaning $2,305 on pet care $1,620 on music and magazines $1,495 on cable television. Full link HERE
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    PHX SUNS @ Cleveland Friday

    Time to bounce back from that embarrassing loss at the hands of the trashbag Timberwolves and take out our frustrations on the LeBrooms.
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    Washington State = fraud

    The #6 team in the nation? I guess it was that tough nonconference schedule... All those big wins against the likes of Eastern Washington, Boise State, Montana, Idaho , Idaho State, Portland State, Citidel, North Carolina A & T, andGonzaga (the other biggest fraud in NCAA hoops) really prepared...
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    Nene's tumor was cancerous

    Good luck to Nene on his recovery.
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    Does anyone else not really care about NFL playoffs?

    I've never been a huge football fan. I mean, I'll watch the games, but I'm not really into all the hype that comes with them all week. It's only Tuesday and Sportscenter is breaking down the games like they are tomorrow or something. Maybe that's what really turns me off about the NFL...they...
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    BooHoo...Andrew Bynum out 8 weeks.

    I'm heartbroken.
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