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  1. jalrulz

    iPhone 5/new IOs heads: the new google maps app has finally arrived. GO GO GO.
  2. jalrulz

    USC frat boy smashes on roof.(pics)

  3. jalrulz

    Song identification help in a Atrak DJ set

    From 4:54-6:15 I tried googling the phrases of the lyrics I can make out but they're too vague for any real results.
  4. jalrulz

    damn 23 days late. delete.

  5. jalrulz

    My boy made a dance mix yall think?  DJ's how are his transitions/mixing skills/music choice?
  6. jalrulz

    How to make it in America(HBO series)

    free episode from hbo. the show is pretty good.  The music guy is nice too maybe the same guy from Entourage? "he who hesitates, masturbates."
  7. jalrulz

    DJ's and music enthusiasts: what yall think about my boy's dj mix?

    critiques are welcome. how are his transitions? music selection? mashups? it's only a 32 minutes long mix:
  8. jalrulz

    Drunk chicks FTL

    haha i love every character that this guy plays in movies. but everything he says is spot on when it comes to college chicks. Seeing skeezers like this in college is inevitable.
  9. jalrulz

    Treasure Island Music Festival anyone??

    anybody going? yall think this will be anything like lovefest?
  10. jalrulz

    The Game(rapper) pushing my friend in a game of hoop

    I dont know if this should be in sports and training or not so move if necessary. my dude Kyle was lighting his +!+ up and game got mad butt hurt. hahah� He's a D1 hooper tho so that's probably why. his player profile: kbl/mtt/brucculeri_kyle00.html
  11. jalrulz

    another teen disney product vol. BEAST mode activated (PICS)

    whoever peeped desperate housewives tonight ( NO AYO) there was a new character introduced as Eva Longoria's new niece. according to imdb she's been in a bunch of disney trash and she's legal. born in 88how old is that? old enough. these pics might be outdated and not do justice but she...
  12. jalrulz

    early 90's cartoons was straight piffery.

    who remembers waking up mad early on saturday mornings to watch this? post other 90's cartoon intros.
  13. jalrulz

    If you ever wanted to ask MC shan anything, here's your chance it's really him.
  14. jalrulz

    NT, what's a steal in basketball?

    situation: if stephen jackson pokes the ball out of chris paul's hand and monta ellis ends up with it, who gets the stat? the person who poked it or theperson who ends up with the ball.
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