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  1. robgotti

    My Collection...Check it out!!

    nice stuff, keep it the laser 2k4's and hyperdunks
  2. robgotti

    Sukwonee Collection Updated 6/23/09

    nice stuff....grapes are smokin
  3. robgotti

    NRG1604 Collection Post

    good collection bro....nice pennys
  4. robgotti

    95% of Solewoman's Collection Vol: I got tired...

    thats a sick collection of kicks, especially for a woman, most of the girls i know pretty much just rock flip flops or heels.....i like your style
  5. robgotti

    Footlocker Footaction Champs

    finishline has a bunch of the CDP's marked down if you they have any sizes left.
  6. robgotti

    First Niketalk Census: Results

  7. robgotti

    box fresh inserts vs forcefields (comparison)

    i wear force fields in all my air force ones, they arent the most comfortable thing in your shoe but they definately do help the creasing.
  8. robgotti

    NT, I need a new pair of basketball shoes, any recommendations?

    hyperdunks or huarache's can still probably find some of the huarache 08's for cheap....but if not, the huarache 09's...thosewere probably the best choices this year.
  9. robgotti

    Nike air max + 2009 worth the money?

    fc1114 is right, they are for 2 different types of feet.....the 992 is more of a motion control shoe for pronators or (people with flatter feet that run moreon the inside of their feet) the 2009's are more of a cushioning shoe, they have superior cushion but probably wont have the stability or...
  10. robgotti

    please just lock

    nice start man....thats pretty impressive for only a years collection....keep it up
  11. robgotti

    12/1/09 Spacejams

    must cop
  12. robgotti

    Wow. Anyone ever seen Columbias yellow this bad?

    ouch, a part of me died today seeing that picture
  13. robgotti

    dalitso- MY COLLECTION POST (FINALLY) Updated 6.22.10

    Ive been waiting to see this for a long time to see this....looks amazing dalitso, your my hero
  14. robgotti

    abernja's collection as of - Dec '11 - Update on pg 13

    You worked at 238 in lincoln? Did you work with elston?
  15. robgotti

    abernja's collection as of - Dec '11 - Update on pg 13

    hey man....collections still hott! you still with finishline man? I know ive asked you this before, but what store you work at again? im an AM at the 359.
  16. robgotti

    Post Pics of Your Room Vol. 2

    jordan poster i got from work Lebrons, forces, dunks, J's i wear Misc. Nikes, team jordans, wades, and 1's More Nikes, Diamond trainers, huaraches Closet....all my retros...all are DS'd...about 80 pair
  17. robgotti

    +++++ Unified AJ Collection +++++

    nice old schools
  18. robgotti

    HELP!!! 01-18-09....brace yourself.....lebron commercial??? HELP!!!

    Has anyone seen this commercial? It's the back of what me and my roomates thought was lebrons head. Then it said, 01-18-09 and said brace yourself. Doeslebron have a new shoe coming out that day or what??? Maybe this is a stupid question, but if anyone knows id appreciate some incite. sorry...
  19. robgotti

    TOP 5 PICKUPS OF 2008

    1. Countdown 11/12 pack 2. playoff 8's for $50 3. XX3's 4. 3 colors of air max DT 96's 5. 4 colors of jordan big funds
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