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  1. three6mafia2007

    Price check AF1 easters '06

    whats the going rate on a pair of air force one easter editions, size 10? They're the pair that came out in 2006. worn a few times, but still in great condition. Thank you
  2. three6mafia2007

    Soft ramen noodles unappreciation

    man, i was doin some math homework while they were on the stove, and I let them boil too long. Now they're all soft and limp But i'm starving, so i'm still gonna eat them
  3. three6mafia2007

    Do ya'll see Delonte on Rome is Burning

    This is one funny dude "planes, trains or automobiles"
  4. three6mafia2007

    Sizing for spizikes

    How do they run, cause I'm considering getting a pair. thanx in advance KB8 = MVP WANTED: DS Retro XIVs size 9 or 9.5
  5. three6mafia2007

    Difference between molded and detatchable cleats?

    besides the obvious difference, is there any real difference between molded and detatchable cleats? The detatchable versions of cleats always cost a lil bit more. Do they provide better traction than molded cleats? thanx in advance KB8 = MVP WANTED: DS Retro XIVs size 9 or 9.5
  6. three6mafia2007

    nike speed TD vs. vapor jet td vs. nike super bad

    In terms of performance, which football cleat do u guys think is best? I haven't tried either one, so I was wondering which one performs better. I'm a light guy (5'10, 140) who likes to cut a lot. I think the vapor jets will probably perform the best. Also, give specific details about the cleats...
  7. three6mafia2007

    Track spikes

    Does anyone know any places that have a good selection of track spikes in the South Florida area or anywhere for that matter? I havent found any yet. All replies are appreciated KB8 = MVP WANTED: Nike zoom JSC in black/blue sz. 11 DS. If ne1 can sell me a pair, hit me up!
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