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  1. mrfresh2death23

    Military Heads Roll Call

    Just wanna see what heat my fellow Military Sneakerheads have in the closet and find out where y'all are at....Name, Branch, Rank and Duty would be nice as well...let me start it off... SGT (E5) Hunt Army Ft Hood but currently on month 6 of deployment number 3 in Iraq...
  2. mrfresh2death23

    Cleaning out the closet and i found this

    I got it like 3 years ago and its not in to bad of shape. Sorry about the huge pics
  3. mrfresh2death23

    SneakerHeads worst nightmare

    Whats up NT. I have been collecting since about 98-99 and i had a very extensive collection of Jordans and other Nikes. Well im stationed in Iraq and i leftall of my shoes and clothes at my house while i was here on my 12 month deployment. I had HEAT.....Bred 11's. 13.s, Carmines, Grapes every...
  4. mrfresh2death23

    lets see your 5's

    got bored watching the game and wanted to post my 5's
  5. mrfresh2death23

    Naptown Shoeheads Stand Up

    whats good naptown heads....just tryin to see who my fellow NT shoeheads are in naptown Name: Darryl Location: East Side 38th and German Church Lets get the Naptown Fam Strong "The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
  6. mrfresh2death23

    FT Hood Nt'ers Stand Up

    im coming back from iraq pretty soon and im gonna be back at Ft Hood....Just tryin to hook up with some people who are on the same thing that i am on.....holla "The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
  7. mrfresh2death23

    The one that keeps gettin away

    which shoe are you searching for and almost have but never get? "The Head is Heavy of He Who Wears the Crown"
  8. mrfresh2death23

    Never thought 15 months in the same shoes would happen

    i wear these everyday...well i have like 4 pair of the same boot i get to command this though...gotta get to the fight yeah soldiers collect sneakers... Take time out for the fallen soldiers
  9. mrfresh2death23

    Tryin to make Midwest Connections

    whats good NT. im on my way back home from iraq and im just tryin to make some more Midwest NT connects....scratch my back and i will scratch yours....i always find stuff and am willing to share the wealth....holla back. Im in Indianapolis and i heard that alot of people have alot of horror...
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