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  1. dwyanewadeog

    Why are drugs bad?

    Serious question. Why is drug use looked down upon in our society? I know I personally look down on people who blaze everyday or who use coke/ecstasy even if it is "reasonable" amounts. Why is this? I could care less if people do it as long as it doesn't hurt me but it does bother me when my...
  2. dwyanewadeog

    Diamond Jubilee

    Dont care about the Diamond Jubilee but who is the girl behind the queen in the black dress?
  3. dwyanewadeog

    Who is 2 Chainz and why is everyone talking about him?

    Please help me understand who 2 Chainz is. Is he good? What songs has he made? Suggestions?
  4. dwyanewadeog

    Mongol Rally (driving from London to Mongolia this summer)

    Hello NT Friends, Just wanted to let you all know about a trip I will be taking this summer. My friend and I will be driving from London to Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia in a small car for charity. We are both from Seattle and figured this would be a great use of our time following graduation (whats...
  5. dwyanewadeog

    Polo (the brand) and Hip-Hop

    Thought this was a good read. I made this thread in general rather than music because it is social commentary. Speaks to Polo being the quintessential hip-hop brand for reasons ranging from the similar beginnings of polo and hip-hop and what polo represents in the hiphop/black community. edit...
  6. dwyanewadeog

    Have you ever met a girl who is cooler than your girlfriend?

    If you did, how did it make you feel? Did you feel like you could do better than the girl you were/are currently with?
  7. dwyanewadeog

    SWIM Suits?

    I'm heading down to Arizona this weekend to visit some friends and will be hitting up Wet Electric. Haven't bought a bathing suit in two years and need something new. What are some cool SWIM suits you guys can suggest?
  8. dwyanewadeog

    drinking games for two couples?

    My buddy and I are planning on having a little double date with some ballerinas (yes im serious) we met. What fun drinking games do you guys know that involve 4 people and that girls can play (ex. not quarters)?
  9. dwyanewadeog

    ordering takeout and not picking it up

    Tonight my friend called in some teriyaki chicken for pick-up however as he left to go pick it up he decided he wanted pizza instead. I told him that was a **** move and that he should go pick up and pay for his chicken. He said he already made up his mind to go get pizza and left. I walked out...
  10. dwyanewadeog

    Spring Break

    Do people who are not in college go to the typical Spring Break spots (cancun/cabo/etc) to try and get in on the action? Is there an age when it becomes inappropriate to go on "spring break" trips.
  11. dwyanewadeog

    What is it like to be POOR? (

    A friend just showed this to me and I thought it was worth sharing. I made it through the month with 200 bucks but my rent was due to following day which would've put into the negatives. How did you do?
  12. dwyanewadeog

    How fast can you run a mile?

    How fast can you currently run a mile? What is your fastest mile time ever? Currently I'd say 6:30-6:45 Historically probably around 6 or 6:15
  13. dwyanewadeog

    Any Straight Razor Users on NT (Shaving Related)

    I was bored with my shaving routine so decided that i wanted to buy a straight razor and a shaving bowl with shaving soap. I bought a shavette which is a straight razor with a removable razor blade. unforgiving, but from what ive read its a great and cheap way to learn. I will say, after my...
  14. dwyanewadeog

    Carl Jung, the Mechanization of Society, Societal Discontents

    I came across this quote of Carl Jung's (swiss psychologist, think Sigmund Freud) and am curious what you all have to say. Many of you express unhappiness with the drone-like nature of your jobs. You express unhappiness with the structure of our world. You express unhappiness with the direction...
  15. dwyanewadeog

    Question About World War II (Nazi Germany & Holocaust)

    Had Nazi Germany not focused resources on the transportation and murder of European Jewry could they have won World War 2? I am no WW2 history buff but am curious about this question. It seems that Nazi Germany expended huge amounts of resources (soldiers, killing squads, railway lines, fuel...
  16. dwyanewadeog

    GIF Request (Mavs fan in disbelief)

    Hate to do this but was hoping one you had the GIF of that Mavs (i think) fan who is standing and looking at something with a combination of disbelief and moderate disgust. He is white and funny looking in a very normal way. Thanks if anyone can come through
  17. dwyanewadeog

    Post Your and Your Neighbors Wi-Fi Network Names

    Figured it would be fun to see what your network names are and the other networks that you pick up. I live in a college neighborhood where a lot of Fraternity and Sorority people live. Can you see our joke? Post yours.  
  18. dwyanewadeog

    using other people's computers

    Do you guys ever clean your keyboard thoroughly? I bet most of you don't. Now think about using your friends computer. Where have his hands been when he is on his computer and does he wash them before he touches his keyboard again? Discuss.
  19. dwyanewadeog

    The Avalanches- Since I Left You

    Anyone have this album? Got it a few months ago and is definitely one of my most favorite "different" albums of all time. From Wikipedia
  20. dwyanewadeog

    Eric B & Rakim Paid in Full listening help

    Whats up NT, I've been going through and listening to the rap greats but am having trouble getting into Paid in Full.  I really enjoy hearing things that I know are part of the hip-hop canon (ex. rocking party to party, back yard to yard/now tear it up ya'll, and bless the mic for the gods) but...
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