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  1. cool hand Luka

    The 45 Most Powerful Images Of 2011 Some pretty powerful stuff in here If it is already posted (didn't find a thread) lock it up
  2. cool hand Luka

    Anyone here play Baseball Mogul?

    Was seeing if anyone in S&T played baseball mogul. It's a great little baseball game where you become a general manager and control a team, draft, trades, contracts, minors, etc. For information go to Was going to see if anyone wanted to get an online league going or...
  3. cool hand Luka

    Best compilation ever? Favereds Starburts

    So I'm in 7/11 looking at some candy to get as my friend is buying batteries, I'm looking at starbursts and disappointed as they don't have the tropical starbursts and I don't like the originals because really who likes yellows and oranges... then my eyes see this for starburst lovers this is...
  4. cool hand Luka

    HS Class of 2009 Graduates (Post college decision) Vol. 4 years have flown by ..

    You guys can tell me to make a blog or whatever but for all the class of 09 out there hear me out. High School was neither the best nor worst experience I've had, I don't drink or smoke and I wasn't a big party guy, but definitely had fun playin' ball with people I'd known for 8 years, chillin...
  5. cool hand Luka

    Riverside Stores?

    What shoe stores should I hit up near and in Riverside
  6. cool hand Luka

    PRod 2

    Looking to just wear them casually. Sizing? Comfort? and how does it breathe?
  7. cool hand Luka


    Going down there this Friday and was wondering what stores have most of the retro jordan stuff?
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