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  1. airmaxin1

    Need a barber in NorCal.

    Cliff Notes: My barber's a flake and backed out on an appointment the day before I had to fly down to SF. Can anyone point me in the direction of a good barbershop out here? Preferably in the San Rafael area, but I'll be in the city this weekend so that will do too.
  2. airmaxin1

    Tax Question

    Pension plan at merill lynch terminated in 2006 and transfers it to a pension plan at Schwab which terminated in 2012. Client receives reimbursement of sale chares, expenses, interest, etc for the period of time between 2006 to 20012 when they transferred the account to Schwab and received a...
  3. airmaxin1

    Scammed by FliPelican

    Never order anything from their matter how legit it looks. I ordered a pair of shorts over a month ago and they have been the biggest pain in the ++!. I've sent them e-mail after e-mail, and now they just don't reply   Just thought i'd give my fellow NT'ers a heads up..
  4. airmaxin1

    Favorite TV Moment?

    "Gina look at my style Gina, l-l-look at my style, Okay? Look at the style Gina! Are you serioussss?"
  5. airmaxin1

    White tee's

    Anyone know where in Seattle to get pro-t's?? They closed the mom&pops store right around my way in Shoreline, and ever since then I can't find aplace that sells pro-t white t-shirts. I tried Staffords and @*#* wasn't cuttin it...
  6. airmaxin1


    Weeks and weeks of procrastination, partying, and skipping has finally caught up to 2 finals and a paper due on Wednesday morning. All nighters FTL
  7. airmaxin1


    A little bit overdue...standings as of now: RK TEAM GP W D L GS GA W D L GS GA W D L GS GA GD P 1 Tottenham Hotspur 3 3 0 0 9 3...
  8. airmaxin1

    Whistler College Weekend

    Anyone going?
  9. airmaxin1

    What's Your Favorite Song

    I know it's difficult but what's your favorite song ever... Mine is definitely Das EFX-Real Hip Hop (Pete Rock RMX)...the beat just never get's old to me...
  10. airmaxin1

    4A State Tournament

    Was anyone at the Tacoma Dome today? I had to go there bright and early to watch a couple of my friends who play on Decatur...their game started at 9 A.M. But damn Franklin to watch though. I wish I could've stayed for the Garfield game...
  11. airmaxin1

    Song You Can't Get Out of Your Head vol. damn it

    Taio Cruz- Like A Star has been stuck in my head all morning...
  12. airmaxin1

    Seahawks vs. Rams 10/21

    We cannot lose this game. Anyone gonna be there? Catch me in section 316. One Life.One Love.One King
  13. airmaxin1

    Going to Vancouver...

    Any sneaker places to check out besides Goodfoot? Thanks in advance :) One Life.One Love.One King Team Pacific Northwest
  14. airmaxin1

    Bumbershoot 2007

    Lineup so far: The Shins, Wu-Tang Clan, Panic! At The Disco, Crowded House, Lupe Fiasco :hat |I One Life.One Love.One King Team Pacific Northwest
  15. airmaxin1

    Sonics choose Renton Feelings? I wish they could just stay in Seattle. Going from Shoreline to Renton for games is going to suck... One Life.One Love.One King Team Pacific Northwest
  16. airmaxin1


    Is it supposed to snow tonight or tommorrow? Team Pacific Northwest 2o6
  17. airmaxin1

    Ezell's Appreciation Post

    Ezells > Popeyes > KFC C.R.E.A.M.
  18. airmaxin1

    Rep your High School Vol.I think we've done this before

    i'm bored in class.... Shorewood c/o 07 jea C.R.E.A.M.
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