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  1. jkickz9

    UnitedState Sacramento, this thread was long overdue. **SALE**

    US is a major part of the Sacramento Hip Hop and Urban culture. This thread has been long overdue, and just like the Havoc thread, I am simply a friend of thestore and will do the best I can to answer any questions. 1014 24TH STREET SACRAMENTO CALIFORNIA 95816 Phone: 1.888.743.0273 or...
  2. jkickz9

    First production image from Iron Man 2!!!

    Got it from USA Today By far my favorite superhero movie as of now, new one looks promising
  3. jkickz9

    -Havoc Urban Boutique Sac- *new pics up of renovated space*

    It's been a minute, but finally got around to the thread. I don't work for them, I'm just a good friend and will keep this updated and answer asmany questions as I can. - Art Gallery in the front, changes occasionally - DJs and Open Mic every second saturday Located: 918 24th and J st. Phone...
  4. jkickz9

    Shirt Idea

    making fun of "Ice Box" By Omarion Might be a little corny, but i think its a cool idea. what do you think? any comments welcome, but no flaming plz im just messin around. Tag would be removed in actual shirt team916uuhhhh.... yup. In search of OG VIIscollectionnage
  5. jkickz9

    Quick pic request plz.

    The pic with all the Tags from the toungue of the XIs (Jumpman Jordan, and Jumpman Jam) Thanks in advance. You've just been Tomahawked
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