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  1. amped23

    Needed: Creative Name.

    Pics or no advice?
  2. amped23

    Do you have any friends that lie about how much alcohol they drink? Vol. what's the point?

    I had one friend from school who said he can drink 5 pitcher to himself. So we went out one night to grab 2 pitchers. At the end of the night dude was pukingon the train and the funny part was we shared those 2 pitchers :S
  3. amped23

    Tornado Warning issued for Toronto

    this is the Vaughan version.
  4. amped23

    Adult NTers: Do you honestly like the taste of beer?

    Alexander Keiths!!!!
  5. amped23


    Damn, that tailgate party was intense.
  6. amped23

    Lethbridge Alberta

    any edmontonians going to this event?
  7. amped23

    Lethbridge Alberta

    hey, can anybody recommend me a barbershop in Edmonton, preferably in the westend thank you.
  8. amped23

    Whats hot in the nowadays?

    jay fitteds & scarfs.
  9. amped23

    Lethbridge Alberta

    thanks for the info guys.
  10. amped23

    Lethbridge Alberta

    I'm also working there for the summer. I need information on the spots Edmonton has and of course the parties.
  11. amped23

    New good foots in TO ,

    can't wait for the beast.
  12. amped23

    Has anyone...

    It's called stacker and yes I've won before and I got my nice shuffle with me it's the last block that has to switch your game face on.
  13. amped23

    [| -- So the SNOW is here Toronto ....SMH -- |]

    tell me about it, I had to push the car on the up hills.
  14. amped23

    Official Toronto - Outlet and Store report

  15. amped23

    Fabolous @ New Era Toronto

  16. amped23

    ** 12.26.07 Boxing Day Sale @ STOLEN RICHES PG 3**

    i might have to drop by this weekend.
  17. amped23

    SPC Card's: NATIONAL SHOPPING DAY - Sept. 29/2007

    5 cookie points
  18. amped23

    Fabolous @ New Era Toronto

  19. amped23

    SPC Card's: NATIONAL SHOPPING DAY - Sept. 29/2007

    same with flagstore
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