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  1. slaughterx

    Young Thug YSL RICO Case...

    Surprised no one is talking about this.
  2. slaughterx

    May 2022 WDYWT

  3. slaughterx

    Midnight Navy Jordan 11 WMNS Black Friday 2022
  4. slaughterx

    UNC Jordan 13 2022

    Yet another UNC Jordan Ill probably strike out on because I made this thread. But if they end up looking like CP3s Im straight anyway. Hopefully its white based instead of black, then I might entertain them.
  5. slaughterx

    Air Jordan x Beyond Meat Synthetic Leather

    Rumors are JB is collabing with Beyond to create synthetic leather from the same synthetic cows they use for synthetic beef. 100% fake as this entire thread is.
  6. slaughterx

    What the Hell?

    I keep getting redirected to this on this site... The f man?
  7. slaughterx

    RIP Bob Saget
  8. slaughterx

    January 2022 WDYWT Thread Happy NY!

  9. slaughterx

    Has Anyone Here Ever Sued Their Employer for Discrimination?

    It's looking like that's what I'm about to have to do, but I just want to make sure I'm fully prepared. I know I'm in for long and hard legal battle, but ultimately I know I will prevail, eventually. For now, I have enough in my 401k to cash out to start my business and cover my mortgage for a...
  10. slaughterx

    Alec Baldwin Shoots and Kills Cinematographer With Prop Gun RIP, how the hell does **** like this happen? Sick people on set?
  11. slaughterx

    The Windows 11 Thread

    The new Windows is finally here after 6 years! Has anyone here received the free update yet?
  12. slaughterx

    September Pick Ups 2021

    I kinda balled out today...
  13. slaughterx

    WTT Travis Scott x Fragment Air Jordan 1 Low Military Blue 10.5

    Looking to trade these for a combination of other shoes, mostly general releases I missed out on, equal to the current market value of these. Air Jordan 1 Hyper Royal Midnight Navy Satin Chicago Tie Dye Bordeaux* A Ma Maniere* Air Jordan 4 UNC Air Jordan 14 CLOT Aleali May* *if I strike...
  14. slaughterx

    Donda Air Jordan 6

    No, you can't get a pair, even with a bot
  15. slaughterx

    August Pick Ups 2021

    Got my first pair of UGGs... House shoes.
  16. slaughterx

    Pac Sun is Reselling Shoes Now...

  17. slaughterx

    Aleali May Jordan 4

  18. slaughterx

    Manhunt for Brooklyn *** Grabber

    If you have any information leading to his arrest you could be entitled to a $3,500 reward.
  19. slaughterx

    Condo Collapse in Florida, 4 Dead 159 Missing... Just read about this... Crazy.
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