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  1. dland24

    What generally believed to be great movies are you embarrassed to admit you have never seen before?

    Are there any movies that everyone agrees is a great or classic movie, but for one reason or another you simply just never saw them? I am very curious to know this after my brother revealed to me today he has never seen any of the Godfather movies. I have no idea why, but I inexplicably...
  2. dland24

    What is THE worst sports take you have ever had?

    What is the single worst sports take you have ever had that you genuinely believed at some point? Curious to see if what NTers are willing to own up to a stupid opinion they have had in the past. For me, my worst take was that I was convinced coming out of college that Austin Rivers was the...
  3. dland24

    Over the course of your whole life, what is your #1 all time most listened to song?

    Just like the title says. Not your highest playcount on your itunes. The song that you have played the most in your lifetime. Had this conversation with a buddy the other day and was curious to know what others had to say. This is mine. Was obsessed with this song growing up: What's...
  4. dland24

    What professional athlete do you wish you were alive to see his prime years?

    For me, easy answer is Willie Mays. Would have loved to have been alive to watch his prime years. What about you, NT?
  5. dland24

    Post some ridiculous real names you have come across...

    Just a few minutes ago at work, I met a guy named D**k Rising. Real name, no b******t. A couple years ago I met a girl who's last name was Titsworth. NT, any of you meet or know anyone with a ridiculous real name?
  6. dland24

    What sports opinions did you have that turned out to be dead wrong?

    I have had a more than one doozy over the years.  Most famously, I wanted the Warriors to trade Steph Curry instead of Monta Ellis.   So what about you, NT?  What opinions did you have, that you felt strongly about, that turned out to be laughably incorrect?
  7. dland24

    Have any of you ever been arrested?

    NT, have any of you guys been arrested?  Any good stories? I've been arrested once, but its not a good story.  It was some nonsense that's not really all that interesting. Just curious if anyone has any stories they would be willing to share.
  8. dland24

    What kind of food do you not understand how anyone could possibly like?

    Is there a type of food that a lot of people like that you just cant figure out why? For me, its cole slaw.  Cole slaw is absolutely foul to me, yet a ton of people love it.  I cant figure out why. Its basically cabbage, one of the more cheap and crappy lettuce type vegetables, smothered in...
  9. dland24

    NT, how often do you get your hair cut?

    My girl gives me a hard time for getting my hair cut every two weeks.  I realize, this MAY be a bit excessive, but I like to keep it clean. What about you guys?  How often do you get your hair cut?
  10. dland24

    San Andreas.....gonna see it? or does it hit too close to home?

    I am normally a huge fan of disaster action movies....but I am not sure about this one. This one miiiiight hit a little too close to home. A movie about a massive earthquake pretty much destroying the Bay? Not sure about it. I know its a movie, but still. What do you guys think? Gonna watch?
  11. dland24

    Name your future 30 for 30s

    Got this thread idea from a text conversation I was having with a friend.  Let's say you are in charge of picking topics for future 30 for 30s. What are some topics you think will happen in the next 3 years?  5 years?  10 years? Be creative.  Be funny.  Be serious.  Your choice.
  12. dland24

    What the @#$!! happened to Renee Zellweger?!?

    From this: To this: What on earth happened to this woman?  Not that she was incredibly attractive before or anything.....but what the hell?  She looks like a totally different person now. Outside of Sammy Sosa and Michael Jackson, I have never seen a transformation like this.  She is...
  13. dland24

    Have you ever walked out of a movie in the theaters?

    Coworker told me today that he walked out of the last Harry Potter movie when it was in the theatres. I have never thought to walk out of a movie, bad or not. Have you guys ever walked out of a movie? Which movie(s)?
  14. dland24


    I think this whole Hunter Pence signs thing is hysterical.  Not just because I am a fan of his.  They are almost like reverse Chuck Norris jokes.....which were also hilarious to me. Lets see if NT can get the creative juices flowing.  Any #HunterPenceSigns ideas?
  15. dland24

    Working mom arrested for letting her 9 year old play alone at park

    What are your guys' thoughts on this?  I think its outrageous.
  16. dland24

    32 NFL Beat Writers are doing a complete NFL re-draft

    You can follow along with their picks here: I think this could make for some good discussion.  The first round just started. 
  17. dland24

    Eli Manning and other Giants being sued for alledgedly selling fraudulent memorabilia

    Has this been discussed?  I feel like this story is being lost in all the Superbowl media.  If true, this is ridiculous.  And please lock if there is another thread (I couldnt see it). Shady business. SMH.
  18. dland24

    Of the 8 candidates listed by the NFL, who would you most want to see on Hard Knocks next year?

    Assuming no team just outright volunteers to do the show, which of the following teams would you personally want to be on Hard Knocks? Arizona Cardinals Buffalo Bills Chicago Bears Jacksonville Jaguars New York Giants Oakland Raiders Pittsburgh Steelers St. Louis Rams...
  19. dland24

    Kevin Love is the best power forward in the NBA vol. 2

    There weren't many believers when I made vol. 1 of this thread a couple of seasons ago.  I hope that has changed.  Because it was true back then, and now, its not even close. As of Dec. 19th: 25.2 points per game 13.7 rebounds per game 27.36 PER As of Jan. 15th: 25.5 points per game 13.1...
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