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  1. ridingonlorenzos

    Anyone mess with Jeep Wranglers?

    Let me know your thoughts and experiences with Jeep Wranglers. I am considering picking up a 2008 Jeep Wrangler Sahara Unlimited for $7500 at 164000 "highway" miles. I know the mileage is high but the price is low, I live in Toronto and really only drive about 300 miles a week mostly on the...
  2. ridingonlorenzos

    Do you guys have Karaoke at house parties?

    See thread title Ive been to karaoke bars before, but my girl (Filipino) is saying she wants to bring one of her three karaoke machines to a big chalet party my homies are throwing in the mountains. Is this a good idea? What kinda songs get the party started and get everyone into it? Pls advise.
  3. ridingonlorenzos

    Official Thread: What are you getting your girl for Christmas?

    Anyone got good ideas or links on good deals online? Tryna save money and have it shipped directly to her.
  4. ridingonlorenzos

    In India right now...

    Just got here. Anyone ever been here before? Any must-see and must-do things or places? I have a month and a backpackers budget. :smokin
  5. ridingonlorenzos

    XO x Roots Varsity Jacket - Weeknd Limited Edition 1 of 30

    Official Issue XO x Roots Varsity Award Jacket Size Medium, made by Roots Canada Only 30 made! Brand new with tags, never tried on Comes in protective zip up bag The Weeknd has been wearing it on his King of the Fall Tour Receipt available XO till we overdose! Asking $2000 OBO
  6. ridingonlorenzos

    Whats the deal with gold chains?

    Whats a good size to get 18",20",22"?? I'm talking bout something relatively thin, simple looking that you can rock everyday and never take it off.
  7. ridingonlorenzos

    Have to submit a business idea for a $3000 grant. Help.

    Gotta meet with the university to present a business idea to receive a $3000 grant tomorrow afternoon. Anyone have any good ideas? I'll pick one by 8am tomorrow and go with it.
  8. ridingonlorenzos

    NT help my homegirl win Miss Universe Canada

    Please go to and vote for Prosha Hussein Your vote will hopefully help her win the people's choice award and eventually the crown. Voting closes on the 22nd THANKS! :smokin
  9. ridingonlorenzos

    Has anyone been to Seoul?

    I am considering taking a flight out there alone to check it out for a few weeks. Anyone want to share their experienceS?
  10. ridingonlorenzos

    Anyone gone on short term disability leave from work?

    Any experience going on short term disability leave?
  11. ridingonlorenzos

    Jordan VI Infrared release this weekend

    Do you guys know how many will be coming to Toronto? i Haven't bought a pair of Js on release day in over 5 years and i want to get back in the game starting with these.
  12. ridingonlorenzos

    Traders and merchants of NT -- the import/export thread

    I am leaving my cushy analyst bank job to pursue something more exciting. I want to create my own job that lets me travel and work on my own schedule. So, I have opened a business where I will be importing goods from around the world that present some arbitrage opportunity. The long term plan...
  13. ridingonlorenzos

    Upper year students: Lets talk about attending networking sessions

    What are some strategies you find work in catching a recruiter's attention? - any specific questions? - any comments that you use every time? - how do you differentiate for your peers? - how do you collect the digits and follow up? - how do you close the deal? discuss.
  14. ridingonlorenzos

    I hate it and I love it when people doubt my hustle

    It seems to happen to me at least once a week. I posted a dope pic of Toronto on Instagram in the morning in which I credited the photographer, and some dude comes in and comments, "I was going to say, I did not peg you as a 5:40am kind of guy" >: B!tch, I've been up since 5am. Welcome to...
  15. ridingonlorenzos

    Does anyone work in the finance field in a securities analyst type position?

    I have an interview with a major bank next week for a securities pricing analyst position. If anyone here is in the field, do you mind shedding some light on the role? Also, what sort of things should I expect on the interview, and what kind of salary can I demand? The job is in Toronto, by the...
  16. ridingonlorenzos

    Human resources background check on education

    Hey does anyone work in human resources that could tell me what they do for a background check? My close friend wants to know if human resources will do a background check on his education/degree. Excluding jobs like engineer,doctor lawyer obviously, does HR check your background and how do they...
  17. ridingonlorenzos

    Need a photographer's advice: Good camera for a beginner? vol. no instagram

    I know nothing about photography. My little sister's birthday is coming up, and she's getting interested in photography. I want to buy her a good beginner camera, something that wont cost me toooo much (I'm hoping in the $500 range), but something she can use for at least a few years and enjoy...
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