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    Ibiza, Spain

    What up. Currently a day away from hopefully an epic weekend on the island of Ibiza (Eivissa for all of the Castilian and Catalan speakers out there). I'm already pretty familiar with Spain, having been to Madrid, Barcelona, Sevilla, Malaga, etc. I hear Ibiza is in a class of it's own though...

    DJ Mustard "Midnight Run" Appreciation (Prod. by Cardo x DJ Mustard)

    :x @ the beat Checking for that dude Royce The Choice off the strength of this track. Pretty solid mixtape (Ketchup). Still not sure how he fits in the Roc Nation crowd but DJ Mustard has beats, simple but effective. Been bumping this, that Polyester The Saint and The Yellow album a lot. The...

    Ask me a question about Europe.

    #noflex #nohumblebrag Currently at the job watching the clock go by super slow. Three hours left smh. I love talking about traveling, learning about new places, helping the homies with places I know a little about, etc. If ya'll have any not so serious questions, go ahead and shoot. My areas...

    Rappers that ramble...Unappreciation.

    Rambling = Incoherent; Lengthy and confused or inconsequential. Basically rappers that just say anything into a mic because it rhymes. Nothing quote worthy about it, rhymes all over the place with no real meaning or substance, Top 10 Worst Offenders 10. Rick Ross - He's gotten better at...

    Your 10 Favorite Songs of 2012 thus far....

    Strong emphasis on "thus far" as Cruel Summer and a couple of other projects are still on their way. 10. Pusha-T "New God Flow": Crazy beat, Pusha sounded energized, Kanye did his thing....but then almost ruins the song at the end. 09. Mac Miller "Luck A-- B----": Lex Luger is actually a...

    NT Europe - NTers in Europe

    Hallo. Hola. Bonjour. Ciao. Tere. Terve. Szia. Labas. Salut. Ahoj, etc I'll be departing the far east this winter - headed back to Europe (Germany this time) for a couple of years. I was curious on if...well I know there are NT'ers on here from Europe, where do you guys reside and would you...

    My Favorite Album Of All Time

    Illmatic? Close, but nope. Lord Willin'? .......Hmmm....nah. Doggystyle? The Infamous? Midnight Marauders? No, no, and no. My favorite album of all time is actually two albums, co-joined into one with the help of iTunes. N.E.R.D.'s first album In Search Of is by far my favorite album in the...

    School me on Key West, FL

    Just applied to be stationed at the Naval Air Station in Key West. Looking up info on Google, place looks amazing. Any NT'ers visit or live there?

    Cell phone issue in Korea.

    I was going to put this into the Android thread but this is more of a broad question. Anyways, is anyone knowledgable of the cell phone infrastructure in South Korea? I went today to get a sim card for my unlocked Nexus One but was turned away. The associate stated that she would have to take my...
  10. DVMNXK

    Fellas, share your story of getting played (Happens to the best of us)

    Inspiration Guess I'll start... High School, early 2000's....still a naive view of the world. New to the high school so I have that new dude swag for a couple months. Settle on this one shorty. Body; crazy. Face; Aight. Conversation; Decent. I was good. We weren't a couple but I had time...
  11. DVMNXK

    Kids are hilarious.

    My dude's nephew.
  12. DVMNXK

    Getting stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ

    Getting stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ in Jan 2012. Trying to decide where to live since there are so many areas close by (Philly, Jersey Shore, Newark, NYC, etc). Any info on the area and advice on traffic, etc? Much appreciated.
  13. DVMNXK

    Getting stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ

    Getting stationed at Ft. Dix, NJ in Jan 2012. Trying to decide where to live since there are so many areas close by (Philly, Jersey Shore, Newark, NYC, etc). Any info on the area and advice on traffic, etc? Much appreciated.
  14. DVMNXK

    If ya'll are in the area and not doing anything 7 Aug @ 7pm...

    Kidding. I was making this to send out to my co-workers and just realized how ballerific my life has been the past couple years. Everything is downhill from here. Nothing will ever compare. 128 days left.... ps- already got a blog.
  15. DVMNXK

    Couch Surfing. Would you guys do this? A co-worker of mine has hosted about 30 people so far and has some great stories. It seems interesting but I don't think I have the personality for it. If you're already a member, have any stories to share?
  16. DVMNXK

    My Top 25 Alchemist Tracks (Video)

    My bad for the hella long delay. Running these streets something crazy. C&C appreciated. #based Dom.
  17. DVMNXK

    If the Euro drops any further, will the US Dollar be the GOAT currency?

    It dropped to $1.19 today....the lowest in over half a decade. When I first got over here it was like $1.67 was terrible. Our COLA (cost of living allowance) drops along with the Euro but the dollar goes further so I'm happy. If anyone was planning a trip to the EU now would be a good...
  18. DVMNXK

    How woudl you respond to this? (Racist comment on FB)

    I posted up some pics from the weekend last night. Out clubbing with friends etc. I log in this morning to read this mess. For the record the girl in the pic with me is Syrian & Italian. How is that an off breed? If anything, I'm the off breed with all kinds of mystery blood running though me...
  19. DVMNXK

    Post Your 5 Star Music vol. Itunes

    have about 10ks songs. Very limited songs selected for 5 star treatment. Majority of my collection is 4 stars, My top 25 most played. Kind of like The Clipse. They're pretty good. Might've heard of them.
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