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    Hello everyone! The purpose of this thread is to share information about shoes and clothing at Nike Factory Stores, Nike Clearance Stores, as well as discount stores within your area and reputable online websites. Since phone orders are no longer available (haven't been for a few years now)...
  2. nachobroadway

    Photoshop Request: Ghostbusters

    can anyone add a proton beam?
  3. nachobroadway

    Photoshop Request: Happy Holidays

    Happy Hoildays NT family, My 1st post in like 2 years. Anyway, wanted to do something fun for my FB feed and wondering if someone/anyone could do a photoshop head switch for me.
  4. nachobroadway

    Snowboarding New York City

  5. nachobroadway

    20 Things I Wish I’d Known When I Was 30: Life Lessons with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

    I'm 33 & never met my father. 1st 4 are spot on. In the age of information, ignorance is a choice. April 30, 2013 When I was thirty, I was living my dream. I’d already accomplished most of what I’d set out to achieve...
  6. nachobroadway

    Thirstiest Men on Instagram
  7. nachobroadway

    Prada's America Cup Black & Polo Ranger Brown Boot size 10 REDUCED

    Enjoy some of my closet. Contact me via inbox or via email at: Shipped via USPS Priority in double box & with tracking #. Good Luck! Prada's America Cup $420 MSRP $75 NOW $60 Shipped Condition: 4/10 A great candidate for reconditioning at a shoe shine to bring back to...
  8. nachobroadway

    Nike Air Jordan 13 XIII Retro Flint Grey & III 3 Retro Stealth size 10 REDUCED

    Hi my NT comrades, contact Nacho Broadway via inbox or email me at Trimming my closet down a bit, contact me with any questions. No trades please. Shoes will be shipped via USPS double boxed with tracking #. Nike Air Jordan 13 XIII Retro French Blue/Grey size 10 $225 $200...
  9. nachobroadway

    I'm Farming and I Grow It

    Get well my peoples.
  10. nachobroadway

    African American ballerina Misty Copeland, exquisite beauty, WOW!

    I was blown away until I showed my coworker, and he tells me a music executive we know popped her.  Damn, killed my dream quick! I'd still wife.
  11. nachobroadway

    Any update on the NTer that purchased the vintage Louis Vuitton chest from an Estate Sale?

    I remember he purchased it for $100, any updates?
  12. nachobroadway

    CNN Report: Newark, NJ airport screeners targeted Mexicans and Dominicans

    I fly to DR every quarter via Continental out of Newark, during my last 4 trips I've had to add 2 hrs to my itinerary because Customs Border Patrol decides to pull a background & search every inch of my bags.  Last trip in February became too obvious.  3/4 of the plane was filled with Canadian...
  13. nachobroadway

    Beyonce Pregnant reports US Weekly

    aspiring rappers, get your albums out soon, kid's going to have a video on MTV before he/she can walk Beyonce Knowles better brush up on her lullabies. The 29-year-old singer is pregnant with her first child, the new Us Weekly reports. Despite the happy news, no one was more surprised than the...
  14. nachobroadway

    6 Movie Tickets from Weekly Cinema / Fandango (Works on IMAX / 3D) $30

    Six Movie Tickets to Fandango or via Weekly Cinema $30It's back, but now it's $30 for SIX movie tickets, which still works out to $5 a ticket. LINK [GROUPON.COM] Note, you must redeem code at Weekly Cinema by 12/3 (45 days). Says Orlando,FL but works in any theater that...
  15. nachobroadway

    My boy Malcolm Young's "Story To Tell" (Video)...let me know what you think

    Nacho in the jean jacket & fitted. Shot on a Canon 7D.
  16. nachobroadway

    Train, Bus or Taxi (Video, still better than Lloyd Banks)

    <object width="448" height="374"><param name="movie" value=""><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><embed src=""...
  17. nachobroadway

    School me on Selling GOLD & not getting ripped off! (Pics)

    Got some family jewels to unload. obviously nothing involving any sort of mailing an envelope, I plan on visiting a few shops, get the weight and get 2-3 quotes? any good spots in North NJ/NYC? 1-Juvenia 18K watch 2-Vintage Movado 14K Ladies Watch 3-18K Bracelet w/ Name plate
  18. nachobroadway

    PF Flyers Fall/Winter Collection up at Gilt today

    mostly half price for the new season, hurry selling out quick
  19. nachobroadway

    Clae's on SALE today at GILT for $38-$44! Sizes Re-upped

    They ran out of sizes but they just restocked, I just copped 2 pairs of the Clae McQueen at $38 each in a size 10. new sizes in stock now at this link, enjoy
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