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  1. derventa

    Rate my pick up!

    My girl just picked this up for me as a half year anniversary gift G-Shock GA110C-7A [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler] [/spoiler]
  2. derventa

    Anyone watching that guy get friendzoned on Dr. Phil?

    How sad, what a simp
  3. derventa

    NT, check out my boys music video

    Watch in HD. Check out his youtube page for other songs I know, he's just another rapper "trying to do it big"...but this kid is really passionate about his music.� He opened up a show with Sam Adams infront of 2000+ people, and does many shows around clubs in the Boston area p.s : His...
  4. derventa

  5. derventa

    My girl surprised me with a blue jays fitted

    I feel like I should return the favor? Her friend mentioned she wants a claddagh ring. We've been together for four months, is a ring too much?
  6. derventa

    Herp Derp

  7. derventa

    Most epic exposure of a woman cheating over @ Cliffs inside ***ABSOLUTE MUST SEE** UPDATE!! DAVE= OP BISH WILL BE EXPOSED TO FIANCE ANY SECOND! Dave believes she can say the screenshots and messages were false but she can't deny a video. Dave will try to do this in the least hurtful way possible but he plans to go...
  8. derventa

    Women discussing their affairs

    Saw this post on BB. Thought I'd share. As a 20 year old male, I've learned to never trust any female. Ever. I mean, what is it with chicks and their promiscuity? I felt like vomiting reading these posts. I would never cheat on a girl in provided she gives me respect, loyalty, and sex. I'm...
  9. derventa

    What do you do when someone doesn't say thank you for holding the door open?

    There are three double doors into the entrance of my schools library. There was this girl behind me walking in as well. I turned around, held the door for a quick 2 seconds, she grabs it, stank face, no thank you. Second door, I do the same. Still stank face, no thank you. Third door, I just...
  10. derventa

    My school is going tobacco free [Vid inside]

    This is one of the stupidest initiatives a school can do...
  11. derventa

    Value of 2003/4 Manny Ramirez Away Jersey? (pics added)

    Just digging through my old clothes, I found my Ramirez Jersey from like 7 years ago. It is still in immaculate condition with no signs of fading. For how much can I get this if I throw it up on ebay/
  12. derventa

    This kid vers'

    Check out the channel..."" type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent" width="425" height="355" allowscriptaccess="never"/>
  13. derventa

    Snow touching 98% of U.S States at the moment
  14. derventa

    Relationships vs. Facebook status

    Sup NT? Is there a grace period for this *!!$?  This is my first time being in a relationship during the facebook explosion era. I plan on keeping my hidden for now as it gives off a sense of mystery to the chick. I know, kinda *%*@!! up, but what gives? Is this something that should be...
  15. derventa

    NT, check out my boys first music video (rap)

    He's a 18 year old rapper, grew up in the next neighborhood to me, and we go to the same college now.  Watch on in HD I'm just trying to help him out to get him a few hits on his video. Look at the rest of his page for more of his songs. He also has talked to Joe Buddens managers...
  16. derventa

    Sup my hats too big

  17. derventa

    Ex threatening me with text messages

    I've been broke up with this girl for like 2 months, and over the past two days I've been getting threatening text messages from her because she thinks I cheated.  She's sending messages like "Watch out what's coming for you"  Is this just emotional black mail? Should I consider a restraining...
  18. derventa

    NT: Recommend me a non pharma cure for insomnia

  19. derventa

    Hilarious British Animal Voiceovers

     @ 1:39 and 3:02
  20. derventa

    Bag of %+%@ Paycheck Theory

    So I was   with my friend yesterday, and we went out to this place to get food... Next time you go out to the corner grill spot, think of your paycheck. If you're a college student making $8/hour at your job, and you go out and get that $12 steak & cheese calzone with chips & have...
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