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  1. GreenNGold89

    Brees breaks Marino's Record

    I know there is an NFL QB thread but I felt like this deserved it's own thread.  Congrats to Drew. I know it's a different era/game but he earned this. Can't believe he did this after barely falling short a couple years ago. 
  2. GreenNGold89

    Amazon Kindle Fire vs. BlackBerry Playbook vs. NOOK tablet

    Anyone have either one of them? I am looking to get a gift for someone and the iPad is out of my price range. I'd like to spend between $200-$300.  Is the Fire worth it if you don't have a Prime account? Is the playbook worth it if you don't have a blackberry?  Any other tablets in that price...
  3. GreenNGold89

    June 1-6, '7-1, the day...

    ...mama pushed me out her womb, told me, "$$*%* get paid."  Happy Birthday and RIP Pac. The music lives on.
  4. GreenNGold89

    Official Oakland Athletics Offseason Thread

    The holes for this team are pretty obvious to anyone. Offense, Power, Offense, Power. C – Kurt Suzuki  1B – Daric Barton 2B – Mark Ellis  SS – Pennington  3B – Kouz OF – Josh Willingham  OF – Coco Crisp  OF – DeJesus  DH - Hideki Matsui  1. Coco 2. Barton 3. DeJesus 4. Matsui 5. Willingham...
  5. GreenNGold89

    Rock the Bells Lineup releases tonight

    Didn't see a thread about RTB this year. Kinda curious to see who'll perform this year, hopefully it's a better lineup than last year.
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    Wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up, wake up...

    It's tha 1st of tha month CLASSIC.
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  8. GreenNGold89

    See at night I watch the sky, I take another breath....

    I smoke my Newport to the butt Like it's the last *@##+!@@$%#% left Just me and you evading enemies Let you get my last shot of Hennessy Ain't never had a friend like me
  9. GreenNGold89

    What's you favorite song of ILLMATIC? Vol. There all classics anyways

    What up NT, I was just wondering what your guys personal favorite song of Illmatic is? I'm going to go with Life's a #+%%!. Memory Lane is 2nd for me. There allclassics though.
  10. GreenNGold89

    Oakland at Texas - 5/9 - 5/11

    They took 2 out of 3 against us at home so we got to return the favor. G. Smith vs. S. Feldman today. LETS GET EM!!!
  11. GreenNGold89

    Oakland A's at Los Angeles Angels - 4/28 - 5/1

    This is a big 4 game series, if you can have a big series in April in baseball They'll go at it with the best record in the AL and tied for thedivision lead. . I would like to get at least a split, pulling 3 out of 4 would be great to make a statement, but that is going to be very difficult...
  12. GreenNGold89

    Oakland at Seattle - 4/25 - 4/27

    This is a pretty big series for the A's IMO. I know it is only April but we've lost 6 straight to the Mariners. If we want any chance to fight for thedivision or even come in second, we are going to have to play much better against the Mariners. Plus, this road trip will show us A's fans A LOT...
  13. GreenNGold89

    Official Golden State at New Orleans Thread

    This is a HUGE game for the Warriors, just like every other one . IMO we have to go 6-1 and beat Denver, at the minimum, to get into the playoffs. Baron isgoing to have to play a much better game this time around, if we want to beat the Hornets. Also, hopefully Harrington can FINALLY step up...
  14. GreenNGold89

    Official Golden State at Memphis Thread

    The Warriors know what they have to do. A loss today would basically end ANY chances we have to make the playoffs. Jackson and Harrington better show up fortonight's game or our season is over. Is Milliac going to play? I heard he hurt his shoulder. Also, I didn't see Pietrus's name on the...
  15. GreenNGold89

    Being in the Western Conference UN-APPRECIATION POST

    Man this is crazy. First the Lakers deal. Then the Suns. NOW Dallas with Kidd. It may hurt these teams in the future but we all know that this year is going to be wide openand it is going to be fun as hell to watch. There are freaking 9 teams with a winning percentage of at least .608 ...
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