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  1. shogun

    New Wireless Router Recommendations / Advice???

    Finally got power and internet back, but my wireless router isn't even turning on anymore. It's a D-Link one and i've had it for years. Looking for a new one that's reliable and not too pricey. I've been looking at the one with the best rating from newegg but some of the reviews say it dies...
  2. shogun

    Anyone else not have health insurance?

    I took some time off from college, but recently transferred to a new school and want to finish up my bachelor's.  They have mandatory physical forms like every college has.  My doctor's visit last week was $175.  They were nice enough to offer to do my urinalysis at the office so i could save...
  3. shogun

    Recent Terry Richardson Stories By: Jamie Peck Terry Richardson Is Really Creepy: One Model's Story Jennifer’s post about Terry Richardson last Friday begged the question of whether everyone’s favorite “edgy
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