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  1. ghost703


    I've been having this discussion a lot with cats outside of this board... figure i'd post this topic here to maybe help liven this place up a little bit.. forum ji slummin. What Quadrant/Town/Area has the best carry outs? PG/Far NE/SE I got some wings n mumbo from Mamson's on MLK Hwy in Seat...
  2. ghost703

    BK Ntrs....

    Is there anything to do around east new york in BK? Im going to visit my girlfriend who recently moved from DC to east new york. Shes form NY but hasnt lived there in many years. I've heard that this is sort of the "hood" is it safe for me to drive my BMW there? are there secure parking lots...
  3. ghost703

    DC heads... Uptown

    I just moved to columbia heights can someone recommend me good parbershop in the city, preferrably uptown, thanks
  4. ghost703

    Marion Barry Takes Another L

    D.C.'s Marion Barry arrested againStory Highlights U.S. Park Police charged former mayor with misdemeanor stalking July 4 arrest came after woman complained to police about Barry Incident happened in Anacostia Park in Washington WASHINGTON (CNN) -- Former D.C. mayor, now Washington...
  5. ghost703

    NT School Me on Atlantic City

    thinking about planning a spur of the moment trip to AC in Jersey tomorrow. Anything I should be on the look out for? clubs? decent reasonably priced hotels?Ive never been before and im not really into gambling but I just wanna get away for a day or 2. Advice is appreciated.
  6. ghost703

    DCs Best Up and Coming Rapper

  7. ghost703

    ACG heads...

    anyone seen this in the area?
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