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  1. nbirn2103

    Please Help and Vote for My Company Vol. Stackmob

    Help out a fellow NTer! I am working as a Marketing and Community Manager at a Tech. company called 'Stackmob' in San Francisco. We help build, deploy and scale mobile applications. This poll is important to very important to me and my job! If you could please vote and choose "Stackmob" at the...
  2. nbirn2103

    Some guy from the air force is going to interview me about my friend that joined the airforce

    He probably is just going to try and recruit you.
  3. nbirn2103

    Check out this short film my friend made! It's up for some prestigous awards!

    Check out this short 5 minute film my friend made called 'locks'. The ending directly relates to my family and it struck me deeply. Synopsis: In Oakland, Ca., a young man wakes up with a heavy heart, and decides to walk to the local barbershop...
  4. nbirn2103

    Macbook Wheel? Really? Video Inside

    Apple Introduces Revolutionary New Laptop With No Keyboard How would this be any faster than typing with a keyboard?
  5. nbirn2103

    The KKK Takes a Big L vol. HOORAY!

    Jury awards $2.5 million to teen beaten by Klan membersStory Highlights Verdict includes $1.5 million compensatory damages, $1 million punitive "We look forward to collecting every dime" says SPLC trial attorney Morris Dees "Grand Wizard" Ron Edwards testifies "I stay within the law"...
  6. nbirn2103

    Sarah Palin Gets Punked

    Listen to it here: Palin Punk'd By Prank Call ABC News David Wright, Alyssa Litoff, and Bret Hovell report: Foreign relations never were her strong suit, so perhaps it's understandable thatRepublican vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin...
  7. nbirn2103

    What food establishments are open today/right now?

    chinese food for sure!!!
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